Matt Reeves has really come into his own in Hollywood. The “Cloverfield” director just watched his new movie, “War for the Planet of the Apes” hit No. 1 on the weekend box office charts. Not only did it take the top spot at the box office but it is sitting at 95-percent on Rotten Tomatoes with some critics calling it one of the best trilogies in cinema history. Reeves isn’t slowing down either. While he is finished with the Apes franchise, for now, he is next setting his attention on the DC Comics and Warner Bros.

property “The Batman.”

How many “Batman” movies are coming?

Unlike Marvel, who took their time to see what worked and what didn’t in their franchise, DC Comics is throwing out announcements for just about every property that they have and lining up releases for the next four years. The biggest of those might be the next Batman movie, the third time that the popular superhero has been rebooted into a new franchise. With Tim Burton kicking off the first reboot and Christopher Nolan launching the second, it is Matt Reeves who will direct the new franchise.

Ben Affleck was originally set to direct the movies but he stepped down as the director and Matt Reeves stepped up to the plate. Affleck will still play Batman in the movies and for now, all the Reeves is scheduled to direct is “The Batman,” which will come after the “Justice League” movie that is directed by Zack Snyder and finished up by Joss Whedon.

When it comes to more, Reeves said that he has ideas but they are just trying to get started now. However, knowing that Matt has an idea for a story arc is exciting.

A new direction for Batman

The biggest news about Matt Reeves starting work on “The Batman” is that he is not going to use the script that Ben Affleck originally wrote for the movie.

This means that the original story featuring Deathstroke is probably not going to happen although there is a chance that the new script will also include the villain. For fans, Reeves spoke to Variety and gave some news on what he was planning when it comes to making the new Batman movies.

Matt Reeves said that he had just finished making “War for the Planet of the Apes” and that was the movie that he was focusing on until its release.

However, now that the third “Planet of the Apes” movie is in theaters, Reeves can concentrate on “The Batman.” Matt said that he hopes his movie will be something that is new for Batman fans and something that they have not seen before. Reeves also said that he wants to give fans an emotional identification with the hero that is strong. He also added that he sees it as a noir Batman.