Hey, “Days Of Our Lives” fans. We’re going to see Abigail get seriously hurt after saving Chad’s life! A major confrontation will take place between Kayla and Tripp over Ava. Chad says he’s going to turn himself in. Anjelica runs into some heavy trouble and more in these upcoming July 31 to August 4, 2017, episodes. NBC delivered these spoilers via Soaps.com.

Major injury

The Monday, July 31 episode will kick off the week. This is the one where we’ll see Abigail incur a major injury when she attempts to rescue Chad and actually saves his life! What exactly is this injury?

That’s a huge question for this storyline. It definitely sounds like a situation that will be filled with a ton of emotion and drama. So, be prepared for this new week to start off with quite a bang. That’s the only teaser they revealed for this one but we’re sure it will definitely offer a lot of other great scenes.

Feelings for Nicole

In the Tuesday, August 1 episode, Roman is going to be involved in some deep contemplation. They say that he will be busy wondering whether or not Eric has rekindled some feelings for Nicole. This sounds like a storyline that could get pretty intriguing depending on the conclusion that Roman comes up with. It seems like it could definitely take a few episodes for it to fully play out though.

Anjelica deals with some annoying problems in the Wednesday, August 2 episode. They say that she will not be able to keep her cohort in check. Will Anjelica eventually be able to correct this situation? Or will the madness just keep escalating? Those are the big questions for this plotline. They didn’t reveal anything else about it.

So, we’ll certainly have to wait until the episode airs to see what all is going on with this situation. It sounds like it will feature quite a bit of drama though.

Turn himself into the police

Chad is going to make a serious action in the Thursday, August 3 episode. They revealed that he’s going to tell Andre that he fully intends to turn himself into the police after Abigail finally pulls through!

Will he really turn himself in? Or will he have second thoughts about it? Those are the major questions that we’ll be looking to see get answered as this storyline continues to progress. It does sound like this will be a very serious moment during this particular episode.

Finally, they revealed two spoiler scoops for Friday’s August 4 episode. This is the one where Tripp will give Kayla some major confrontation heat! He’s going to accuse her of actually killing Ava! What will Ava’s response be? It definitely sounds like this one could get extremely emotional and drama-filled.

Chad professes his love

In this second scoop, there will be a very serious-sounding moment that takes place. They revealed that Gabi is going to overhear Chad profess his love for Abigail! So, it sounds like the week will end on some highly dramatic notes. Stay tuned.