Hey, "Bold And The Beautiful" fans. Eric is going to totally throw Quinn off with a decision he makes at some point during these new July 31 to August 4 episodes! Also, Katie and Wyatt will start exploring an attraction they have for one another. And for Caroline and Douglas, a phone call will offer up an extreme game changer for Thomas and so much more! These new spoiler previews are from CBS by way of Soaps.com.

Fashion duel

In the Monday July 31 episode, we’re going to see a big fashion duel take place between Forrester Creations and Spectra Fashions.

Apparently, they will go head to head for a charity event. Which side will win this thing? That’s the big question for this storyline. It sounds like it’ll definitely be quite lively and filled with excitement.

Next, they revealed that Sally is going to have a moment where she notices that Thomas seems very distracted to the point where he’s actually lost any excitement he had for the fashion show. It definitely sounds like some major tensions will start brewing with this storyline as it progresses. There’s no doubt about that.

Reveal the winner

The Tuesday August 1 episode will feature Bill delivering some very interesting information. He will reveal the winner of the huge fashion competition that took place between Forrester and Spectra.

So, it sounds like we’ll see who actually won the contest in this episode.

Next, Thomas is going to be involved in a very intense and serious-sounding scene. They say he will get a phone call from Caroline and Douglas at some point. This phone call is supposed to absolutely change everything! Will it really be that serious?

What exactly does it entail? Those are the burning questions for this storyline. At the very least, it sounds extremely intriguing. Hopefully, we’ll see it fully play out in this particular episode.

Explore their attraction

In the Wednesday August 2 episode, Wyatt and Katie sound like they will definitely make things interesting.

They say that these two are going to explore their attraction to each other at some point. If that’s not enough, it’s revealed that they will push things to the max when they do.

Next, Zende will bring some drama because he’s going to get all upset that Nicole decided to leave a party that is held in his honor. Why does Nicole leave? That’s an intriguing question for this plotline.

Eric finally returns home

Quinn will be filled with lots of excitement in the Thursday August 3 episode. They say that it will be because Eric is going to finally return home! Elsewhere, Katie will have an interesting conversation with Wyatt where she tells him what she thinks about Zende and Maya. Lastly, they revealed some great scoops for Friday’s August 4 episode.

This is the one where we’ll see Eric totally devastate Quinn with a decision that he’s made! What is this decision? That’s the obvious major question for this scenario.

Feeling very awkward

The second scoop reveals that Katie is going to start feeling very awkward while trying to talk about her recent Wyatt flirtations. So, it sounds like we could get some serious drama to end the week. Stay tuned.