"90 Day Fiance" star danielle Mullins has had a horrible time with her ex, Mohamed Jbali. The Tunisian clearly scammed Danielle in order to get a green card and live in the United States, but it has been difficult for Danielle to see that clearly. The "90 Day Fiance" star has been attempting to get their marriage annulled, meaning it legally never happened at all. Mohamed has been attempting to talk her out of it.

If Mohamed and Danielle's marriage gets annulled, it would mean that he would be deported back to Tunisia immediately, which isn't something he wants.

He has instead tried to convince Danielle to go with divorce so he can stay in the US.

Danielle was told by her legal advisor that the pair were not eligible for an annulment as there were no grounds for one. Since the pair had consummated their marriage (although just one time), they were not able to erase it.

Think like an adult

On a clip posted recently on TLC's website, Danielle spoke to a friend of the couple's named Tom whom the pair met at Walmart. He has since been dubbed "Walmart Tom" by the "90 Day Fiance" fanverse.

After Danielle spent time complaining about Mohamed cheating on her and his vile behavior, Walmart Tom eventually got fed up with her constant whining about her ex and his indiscretions and told her she was making too many assumptions about his possible extramarital affairs.

Tom finally told Danielle that it was "time to start thinking like an adult." Mohamed also took advantage of Danielle's daughters, so Walmart Tom told her that she needs to take charge of her life with them.

Danielle then blew up at her friend after he told her she was spending wasted energy that she could be using elsewhere thinking about the issues she and Mohamed had in their now defunct marriage.

Happily moved on?

According to Danielle, she has moved on with another man who lives six hours away from her. She and this new man are allegedly in love. However, Danielle is still spending a lot of time harping on Mohamed and the way he took her for a ride to get a green card.

When she speaks to her former husband, it is also pretty obvious that he could sweet talk his back into her arms if he really wanted, yet Danielle continues to claim that she has moved on and happy without her ex.

But for those watching the show, it doesn't appear that her new life with her new man is all that fulfilling since she is still spending way too much time focusing on Mohamed's every move.