Hey, “The Bachelorette” fans. We’re going to see a special meeting with Rachel’s family at some point in this new Episode 9. From there, Rachel and the guys get flown to the “City of Love” aka Paris, France to participate in some very romantic overnight dates. The final 2 guys are revealed and more. These spoilers are from Reality Steve and ABC.

Undisclosed location

In episode 8, Rachel and her remaining three guys will head to Spain to do their overnight dates. Steve mentioned that they did things differently than they normally do for this episode.

Instead of immediately going to the overnight dates, the guys went to meet Rachel’s family. The reason for this is because Rachel’s folks weren’t able to go to the location where they usually film the episode for the final two guys due to Rachel’s sister being pregnant.

Each of the three guys met with Rachel’s family at separate times in Dallas, Texas. The meetings took place at an undisclosed location because Rachel’s father is a federal judge. They had to do it for security reasons. The place where they shot these meetings was at a nice house in the Highland Park area. It’s about 7,800 square feet with 5 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. It’s worth about a whopping $3.85 million dollars. ABC certainly didn’t skimp out on finding them a great location to shoot these meetings.

Off to Spain

The meetings took place on a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. After they completed them, Rachel and the guys flew off to Spain to begin filming their very romantic overnight dates. There was no description from Steve or ABC as to what they did on their overnight dates. We can give you a general rundown on what usually happens to them based on past seasons.

Basically, Rachel will take each of these guys on a date. If things go well, they’ll end up finishing things in what they call a fantasy suite. They’ll spend the night there together and do whatever it is that they do. Unfortunately, since we do not have the exact details of these dates, we can’t tell you how they will go. We’re just going to have to wait until this one airs to see how everything plays out.

Eric is unlucky

There is one way that we might see something before the episode airs. ABC should be releasing a preview clip for episode 9 tonight after episode 8 wraps up. We’re sure it will deliver a few glimpses of the dates. So, you’ll want to keep an eye out for it.

With all that said, we do know who Rachel will decide to get rid of thanks to Steve. Apparently, at the rose ceremony, poor Eric Bigger will be the unlucky guy that gets his heart broken. So, we’ll be looking for him to appear in the special “Men Tell All” episode this season.

Grilled about sincerity

We do have the official description that ABC released via TV Guide. It pretty much says the same thing that Steve said. However, they did mention some extra information about what happened when the three guys met Rachel’s parents in Dallas.

One of the guys will reveal some reservations that he has while talking with Rachel’s mother. A different guy is going to get grilled about his sincerity. That sounds like things could get pretty dramatic and serious. Episode 9 is confirmed to air next Monday night, Jul24, 201717 at 7 pm central time on ABC. Stay tuned.