Netflix has been a staple source of entertainment in American homes for years and when they are relaxing at home or just feel like binge-watching, people often turn to their movies and shows. The streaming service seldom disappoints and every month it offers a new list of movies to feed our hungry movie-loving souls. To satisfy your movie appetite, I have listed down the must-watch shows in the Netflix August 2017 movies list.

'The Matrix Trilogy'

Remember when Keanu Reeves was still Neo and not John Wick? Wearing all black leather was a thing back then.

In 1999, action movies and sci-fi hits were reinvented with the release of "The Matrix." The movie series follows Neo as he tries to uncover the truth behind the Matrix and save the human race from super computers. With the famous "Bullet Time" scene and scrolling hacker screens, the trilogy was named as one of the best Sci-Fi movies in film history by many critics and reviewers.

'A Cinderella Story'

Starring young Hillary Duff and Chad Michael Murray, "A Cinderella Story" brings the Disney classic plot into the 21st century. Sam (Duff) loses his father and has to work for her stepmother to save for college. She develops an online connection through chat and text with "Nomad" who happens to be the most popular kid in school, Austin Ames (Murray).

The two weave through their online relationship not knowing who the other is until prom night when they finally meet. But as Cinderella's story goes, she leaves at midnight and drops her phone. Austin now has to search the school far and wide to find who the Princeton Girl is. The movie will be available on Netflix streaming by August 1.


Ben Campbell (Jim Sturgess), a Math major in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was accepted into Harvard Medical School but can't afford the steep fees. He joins a group of blackjack players, led by his professor Micky Rosa (Kevin Spacey) as they take on Las Vegas casinos, trying to win big each night using a mathematical system they've established.

His big player lifestyle catches up with them as Casino security tries to pin them down.

Added to Netflix movies for August 2017 by August 15.


The movie stars Matthew McConaughey as Kenny Wells who is desperate for a better life. He goes off on a mining mission to Indonesia to hunt for gold. He later finds out that keeping the gold is harder than finding it.

'I Am Sam'

Ready your Kleenex, 'cause this one's a huge tearjerker! Sam (Sean Penn), a mentally-challenged father, tries to raise his daughter Lucy (Dakota Fanning). But as Lucy turns seven and her intellect starts surpassing her father's, so Sam must prove to social welfare that he is capable of raising her or they're putting Lucy in a foster home.

'Hide and Seek'

This is one of the Netflix scary movies to watch out for! Following the death of his wife, psychologist David Callaway (Robert De Niro) and his daughter, Emily (Dakota Fanning), leave New York for a fresh start. Emily starts to build a relationship with an imaginary friend named Charlie. Charlie develops an evil side, and David realizes Charlie is not imaginary. He must now try to figure out who Charlie is before it's too late.