Can you imagine Russell Westbrook playing for any other team than the Oklahoma City Thunder? Well, it seems like a possibility come summer. According to a Twitter post, Wes could be heading to the East. He could be joining LeBron James in Cleveland, Clutch Points noted.

Following the sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers by the Golden State Warriors, talks of a LeBron James trade have ensued. The four-time MVP posted amazing stats during the NBA Playoffs, and almost single-handedly carried the Cavs to the Finals. Sadly for fans, his heroic efforts weren't enough as the team failed to score a win against the Dubs.

They now stand at a 3-1 deficit in championships versus GSW.

The defeat, added to the rollercoaster roster the East champs had this season, has led many to speculate that The King will be leaving Cleveland for greener pastures. He hasn't shown any signs of wear and tear in his 15th season in the league, and could possibly win a few more trophies before he calls for retirement.

Trade rumor suggests LeBron may stay at Cavaliers

NBA trade rumors suggest LeBron James to Lakers will be the story of the off-season. However, new updates seem to suggest he's staying in The Land but will beef up the team's roster with another MVP.

According to former Cleveland Browns wide receiver, Josh Cribbs, James is working on bringing Westbrook to Cleveland for another run at the NBA Finals next season.

While nothing has been confirmed, nor has any other outlet reported on the news, Cribbs' claims cannot be disregarded. For one, he is a 10-year NFL veteran and a 3-time Pro Bowler, so he does have connections in the league.

Add to the fact that he is former Cleveland Brown.

What Russell Westbrook could mean for Cavs

Should a Russell Westbrook to Cavaliers deal push through, it will shake up the league the same way Kevin Durant's decision to join the Warriors in 2016 did. Westbrook, much like LeBron James, is a beast on the hardcourt and was described by ESPN as a triple-double machine.

In the 2016-17 season, Wes broke Oscar Robertson's record by posting 42 triple-doubles in a single season. He has also posted triple-double averages for two consecutive years.

If Russell Westbrook and LeBron James partner up in Cleveland Cavaliers, they will be creating a new triumvirate in the NBA with Kevin Love. The three will most likely head to the Finals, LBJ's ninth-straight appearance, and have a very good chance of breaking the Warriors dynasty.

However, nothing has been confirmed and neither James nor Westbrook's camp have commented on the rumors. They will likely remain a rumor, but nonetheless, it's a very intriguing and exciting update for NBA fans.