"Mr. Mercedes" is a famous novel by Stephen King. The novel focuses on the main character of Mr. Mercedes who is an alleged sociopath and killer and this is to be the focus of the upcoming TV adaptation of the series. The book was adapted to television by direction Jack Bender. He has stated that like the book, the series will follow Mr. Mercedes and the heinous crimes and murders that he commits throughout his lifetime. The trailer for the series was released recently at the San Diego Comic Convention. Casting includes such actors as Harry Treadaway and Brendan Gleeson.

Fans of King are excited that they are not only getting a TV adaptation of "IT" but also "Mr. Mercedes".

Concerns about the series relating to the Manchester bombing

Fans of Stephen King's novel "Mr. Mercedes" will already be aware of some of the violent scenes in the novel. The character of Mr. Mercedes is a deranged sociopath and goes around killing people purely because he wants to. According to Indie Wire, there has been a rise in the concern that the series could echo the events of the Manchester bombing which occurred earlier this year.

Director of the series, Jack Bender, has addressed these concerns and has confirmed that the series will in no way involve the events of the Manchester bombing.

Bender went on to state that despite the ongoing terror attacks around the world the series will not shy away from violence or bloodshed. He has stated that he has a responsibility as a director to show the true nature of Mr. Mercedes. The show "Mr. Mercedes" will, he claimed, put people in a place of horror so that they can learn what these experiences are like.

The cast talks about the series

Brendan Gleeson has been cast as the detective in the series. His character, Hodge, will come into close contact with Mr. Mercedes as he investigates several of the crimes the sociopath has committed. According to Deadline, Gleeson is excited to take on the role of the detective. He has stated that he personally does not have much of an interest in the supernatural elements of the show and looks forward to the haunted character of Mr.


Harry Treadaway has stated that the character of Mr. Mercedes is by far the creepiest character that he has ever played throughout his career. The actor had to undergo a two-month crash course in psychopathy in order to better understand his character.

"Mr. Mercedes" is due to be released within the next few weeks. It has been given a release date of August 9. Fans are extremely excited to see this adaptation of Stephen King's "Mr. Mercedes".