Stephen King fans will no doubt remember the 1980 novel, but also the 1984 film of “Firestarter,” a story where a very young Drew Barrymore showed off her pyrokinetic abilities as a character named Charlene “Charlie” McGee.

In the story, Charlie’s her parents participated in a medical experiment, in which they gained telekinetic abilities. The couple then goes on to have a child, Charlie, who turns out to have pyrokinetic abilities. In the film, Charlie is now trying to keep her abilities under wrap, while at the same time escape, along with her father Andy (played by David Keith), from a sinister government agency dubbed The Shop, which is headed up by a sinister character called John Rainbird (played by George C.

Scott), who is planning to weaponize her fiery powers.

Previous movie version of ‘Firestarter’ didn’t go so well

According to a report by Screen Rant, “Firestarter” didn’t do particularly well at the box office, only barely earning back the $15 million budget spent to make it. However, since then it seems the film has developed a cult following on cable television and home video. There was also, reportedly, a miniseries follow up to the film in 2002 on the SyFy channel which was titled “Firestarter: Rekindled” in which an adult Charlie continues to struggle to control her pyrokinetic abilities and keep away from Rainbird, who is still hot on her tail.

‘Firestarter’ to blaze on the big screen again

Right now Stephen King fans are rejoicing at the Remake of the scary clown horror “It,” along with the birth of “The Dark Tower” movie and coming TV series, as well as the upcoming TV version of “The Mist.” Now King’s Constant Readers and horror movie fans get to rejoice once again with the news that “Firestarter” is going through a movie remake and resurrection.

Director of ‘Firestarter’ remake was involved in ‘The Dark Tower’

As reported by Bloody Disgusting, the new remake of “Firestarter” was announced last Thursday at the Overlook Film Festival.

Akiva Goldsman is reportedly tapped to direct the Universal movie and Scott Teems will be writing the script. Screen Rant notes this isn’t the first time Goldsman has been involved in a King-related project as he wrote the script for the upcoming “The Dark Tower” film.

Now if just remains to see if King’s fans will enjoy the reboot of “Firestarter” to the big screen, where hopefully the results will be hotter than previously.