July seems to be the Donald Trump Jr. month. The eldest son of President Donald Trump occupied the headlines last week with his tweet of the emails from British publicist Rob Goldberg that suggested Russia had a hand in the 2016 U.S. election meddling. This week, he landed his first Time magazine cover that is not fake.

The president had lauded him for being transparent, open, and of high quality. He even proclaimed Junior's innocence. One sign that the presidential son has arrived on the political scene is he already has an impersonator on a TV show.

The ‘President’s Show’

If Alec Baldwin is the Donald Trump impersonator, Laura Benanti the Melania Trump impersonator, Melissa McCarthy the Sean Spicer impersonator, actor Adam Pally is the Donald Jr. impersonator. Pally debuted the character on the “President’s Show” segment of “Comedy Central.”

Anthony Atamanuik impersonated the president and Peter Grosz impersonated Vice President Mike Pence. The five-minute, 17-second segment lampooned issues about Donald Jr., Joe Scarborough, the repeal of Obamacare, and Pence’s political relationship with the Trumps through the president’s issuance of several executive orders to deal with the situations.

Quitting as Trump’s son

The emails from Goldberg, which just made it easier for special counsel Robert Mueller and his team to prove Russia meddled in the 2016 U.S. election, brought to public focus the father-son relationship between Donald Sr. and Junior. Publicly, the president defended him twice on Twitter. The emails, however, inspired The American Prospect, a liberal magazine, to create a fictional letter from Trump Jr.

to his dad to announce he would quit as the billionaire’s son.

The draft letter started with the namesake's introduction that when American voters elected Donald Sr. as their president, it comes with the Trump package as their government. Member of the family – made up of Eric, Ivanka, Tiffany, Barron, Melania, Jared, and Donald Jr., plus some Russian girls – are placed first, followed by Americans.

Jared got the Middle East assignment, Ivanka the factories, and him, Russia.

He wrote that most of his Russian contacts were great and committed to making America great, Donald Jr. did not want to be a problem for the family, his father to be impeached, or for Congress to force him to give up his position as the president’s son. “So rather than give them the satisfaction, I’m resigning my position as Son,” the draft letter stated, but he will still retain the name “Donald Trump Jr.”