Michael Jackson, one of the greatest singers of all time passed away in the year of 2009. He is still called the "King of Pop" and years later, everything that revolves around his life has ended up as breaking news. His daughter, Paris Jackson is 19 years old now. Young Paris surprised her followers when she posted photos and intimate videos of herself with a woman.

Details of the pictures

In one of the pics, a beautiful brunette appeared to be on top of Paris. Paris even tries to hide her face with a cap, but it is almost impossible not to recognize her as she has many recognizable tattoos.

According to the Rolling Stone, Paris has over 50 tattoos; nine tattoos are dedicated to her late father. She shared the video and photos on Instagram.

Paris regrets her controversial postings and ends up deleting them

Paris Jackson ended up erasing the pictures from her social media account. In one of the deleted videos, her female companion is seen dancing to a sensual song. She does this while on top of Paris and seems to love everything she does. The brunette, whose name is still unknown behaves in the presence of Paris in a way that shocked many followers. In most of the footage, Paris is seen holding a cigarette in her mouth and wore a white bikini. No one knows whether or not the two were under the influence of illicit substances at the time they were recording and sharing the content.

Her sexuality is always a target of speculation among her followers.

Paris dating applications use and her sexuality

Paris also posted a photo on another social network which showed her and her model friend looking intimate. It is still not known whether Paris wants her fans to know whether they are in a relationship or not.

Recently, Paris was caught using a dating application. The profile of the dating application contained photos of her while the description said that the user was bisexual and was looking to date someone from any gender. She seems not to care what anyone thinks and continues to live a lavish lifestyle.

Paris Jackson's modeling and acting career

She signed up to star in a children's fantasy film named "Lundon's Bridge and the Three Keys" in 2011. She made it to the list of "The Most Beautiful People" in the People's Magazine in may 2012. She appeared in January 2017 on the cover of Rolling Stone. She signed up as a model in March 2017 with IMG Models and is also set to appear in a film named Gringo in 2018.