The only daughter of the late pop legend, Michael Jackson, is making waves online with a nude photo she recently posted on social media. Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, the daughter of the king of pop and Debbie Rowe, recently posted a nude photo of herself on Snapchat. The photo was of her sunbathing along with her dog. The post instantly garnered a lot of criticism from fans, which resulted in the aspiring actress and model to post her stance on nudity and feminism.

Love of nudity

In a long-winded post on Instagram, the 19-year old Jackson heir explained her stance on the entire nudity issue and explained that it was her way of expressing herself and "going back to nature." Being nude apparently, gives her freedom and is one of her philosophies, which includes becoming connected with "mama Gaia.

The young socialite explained that she loves being naked and is "part of feminism."

Unfollow me

Aside from explaining her thoughts on her posting nude photos, Jackson also asked fans that don't agree with her to just unfollow her on social media. Jackson also mentioned that she does not want to apologize as she doesn't see anything wrong with what she is doing. Jackson believes that the body needs to be worshiped and that it is part of "what makes us human." Jackson also mentioned that she has the right to express her opinion on the matter and that everyone has their own beliefs.

A budding career

Jackson recently signed a huge modeling contract to become the face of Calvin Klein. The deal reportedly involves a seven-figure payday for the aspiring model and will likely elevate her status in the media as well.

Jackson's acting career is also just getting started as the teen is set to appear in a new movie by Amazon Studios. Jackson is set to work alongside well-known actresses such as Charlize Theron and Amanda Seyfried in the alleged new film.

Paris Jackson was only 11-years old when her father died back in 2009. She is the youngest daughter of Debbie Rowe.

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Her older brother is Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. and she has a half-brother named Prince Michael Jackson II. Paris has had a troubled childhood and has even admitted to being sexually assaulted by a "complete stranger" when she was younger. The teen also openly spoke about her struggles with depression and thoughts of suicide.

The young teen has appeared in numerous television shows and contests, including "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the "Ophrah Winfrey Show," "The X Factor," and the documentary "Living with Michael Jackson."