Lifetime already aired the unauthorized biopic of the late Michael Jackson titled “Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland” on Monday. The two-hour television special was based on the book “Searching for Neverland” by his former security guards Bill Whitefield and Javon Beard.

The show detailed the unrevealed life of the King of Pop with his children, fans, and family played by the world-famous impersonator Navi. With a lot of revelations, here are some of the few that will definitely make fans feel awe.

MJ with his children

A lot know that Jackson was putting face masks on his children whenever they were out and about.

To explain this thing to his kidsParis, Michael, and Prince – he turned it into a game and called it “dress up.” To even avoid the children's identities to be revealed to the public, he also asked the toddlers not to use their real names.

Another media frenzy was when a photographer took a clear shot of Blanket AKA Prince. Javon tracked this guy down and took his camera to obtain the photo. The “Billie Jean” hitmaker, on the other hand, allegedly paid the cameraman worth of $75,000. Then, Feldman, his assistant that time, destroyed the snap.

As a Jehovah ’s Witness, Jackson didn’t really celebrate Christmas. However, he didn’t let his children not to experience the joy of the most wonderful time of the year as he still allowed them to open their gifts and celebrate.

He also used to bring his children to a festival dedicated to his favorite actor Charlie Chaplin. Bill even revealed that the greatest performer had a habit of bringing his own hot sauce and spray butter for his popcorn inside the cinema.

His love for his fans and privacy

Moreover, Jackson was also known for trying hard to have a private and normal life.

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But, as he loved his fans so much, he actually had his their mails delivered to him. He would also often tell the police that it was fine to have his followers waited for him outside his house.

There was also a scene where he cut open his arms for pulling a surveillance camera from the wall of a Washington, D.C. hotel. He also always carried the Oscar statue for the movie “Gone With the Wind,” a briefcase with $200,000 worth of cash, and passports in case of emergencies that he needed to fly.

In an effort to have a normal life, he also went on a date. Bill was driving the couple around as his date was asking him to go on a bar like a “normal couple.” However, he later changed his mind when a man noticed him and approached him on the street.