"Message From The King" is an American revenge thriller which was directed by Fabrice Du Welz. The screenplay for the movie was written by Stephen Cornwall and Oliver Butcher. The movie focuses on the character of Jacob King who moves from South Africa to Los Angeles to search for his sister. Within his first 24 hours in Los Angeles, he learns that his sister has been murdered and is determined to get revenge against the people who took her life. "Message from the King" previously premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival where it received great reviews.

The movie has since been picked up by Netflix and is due to be released next week on the streaming platform.

An action packed movie about revenge

"Message from the King" follows the character of Jacob King who has lost contact with his sister. King is over in South Africa and his sister was living in Los Angeles. In a desperate attempt to find his sister Jacob uses the last of his money to make his way across to Los Angeles. It only takes King a day to discover that his sister is no longer in Los Angeles and that she has been murdered. The film follows character Jacob King on his quest for revenge.

Jacob must infiltrate a network of low life criminals and top dollar elites in Los Angeles. He only has six days to complete his mission of finding out who ordered the murder of his sister Bianca and to enact his revenge.

"Message from the King" is full of suspense, tension, and action as the clock ticks down. Viewers are caught up in the chase as Jacob tries to locate the killer dealing with several obstacles in his way.

Chadwick Boseman cast as Jacob King

Director Fabrice Du Welz has no doubt that up and coming actor Chadwick Boseman was the best actor for the role of Jacob King.

Boseman has been rising to stardom over the past few years as he secured the role of "Black Panther" in the Marvel superhero movie. Boseman is also known for his role as T'Challa in "Captain America: Civil War" where he first made his debut as the Black Panther. The actor has also been involved in such movies as "42" and "Get on Up".

Netflix has released an official trailer for "Message from the King" which can be watched on the streaming site. The movie is due to be released on Netflix on August 4th. Further Casting includes the likes of Tom Felton, Luke Evans, Teresa Palmer and Alfred Molina. Fans can watch the critically acclaimed movie, "Message from the King" as early as next week.