Fans watched the finale of "Married at First Sight: Second Chances" on Thursday night to see who David Norton and Vanessa Nelson would become engaged to. David chose no one, and Vanessa chose Andre over Shannon. While viewers are pleased with her choice, they are interested in knowing why she chose one over the other after she had spent a week living with each one of them.

Vanessa has not said directly why she chose one over the other. Perhaps it will be revealed on the Reunion Special on Lifetime on Thursday, June 13 when those who dated David and Vanessa will come together to discuss their experience.

Vanessa and Shannon

Vanessa seemed to have had special feelings for Shannon even though he disappeared from the show for a couple of weeks. Vanessa did not hold that against him, and he ended up in the final two as she spent a week with him before she made her decision.

Pastor Calvin Roberson had to be called in help them settle a dispute because Shannon insisted that they didn't need separate rooms and Vaness tried to explain that she had just spent a week with Andre and she wanted to have her own room the first night. The pastor thought it was insecurity on Shannon's part. After the first night, they did share the same bedroom and seemed to have fun together during the week, including a romantic helicopter ride.

Vanessa might have chosen Shannon if Andre had not been a choice. In order to accept one, she had to reject the other. When Vanessa attempted to break up with Shannon, she was stumbling through her speech when Shannon interrupted her. However, she did get to say that she thought he is an amazing person, but he deserved someone different.

Shannon didn't seem to be shocked and quickly agreed with her. He assured her that he was okay with her decision because she is a good person and he is a good person, but it didn't mean they were good together, then Shannon got up and left.

Vanessa and Andre

Vanessa spent a week with Andre before she spent a week with Shannon.

He made a great impression and it was obvious that there was chemistry between them. He put on a puppet show for her that kept her laughing. Even when she was with Shannon, she said into the camera that she couldn't stop thinking about Andre. He was confident that Vanessa would choose him. He went there with a ring in his pocket. He and Vanessa are now engaged, and they both seem very happy.

Since the finale

After the finale aired, there were many comments on Twitter, especially on Shannon's page. He addressed some issues and said he has no hard feelings toward Vanessa and Andre. In fact, he congratulated them. He tweeted that he suspected he wasn't going to be picked, so he didn't take a ring with him.

Shannon talked about the matching striped onesie pajamas that Vanessa bought for them. He posted that he hated them, but he wanted to be a good sport. During the time he had them on, he lowered the top part and tied the top around his waist.