If you loved watching David Norton on "Married at First Sight," then you don't want to miss his new show "Married at First Sight: Second Chances." Us Magazine shared all about this new show and how David will be going on a date with a girl that he almost married on the first show. David got married the first time around, but he split from his wife before the show ever ended.

David and Vanessa try for love again

David Norton isn't the only one trying to find love again. Vanessa Nelson also gets a chance to try and find love once again. Both of them got married on the show "Married at First Sight," but it didn't work out for them.

They actually ended up both getting divorces. Vanessa and her husband tried to make it work after the show was over, but it just didn't last for them.

In the preview, David gets to meet a girl named Jordan. It turns out that she was almost picked as the one for him to marry the first time around instead of Ashley Doherty. She explains it to him saying, "I went through the whole experiment and actually at the end, they said, 'What about David and Jordan?' So I found myself jealous of your wife at the time." Now they are going to get their chance to see if it works, but David won't be getting married right away this time. He won't even spend very much time with Jordan before he decides if he wants to get to know her better or not.

They will try to connect on a speed date and see if it works. This new show is all about letting David and Vanessa both have another chance to find the perfect match for them. They are going to go about it a different way this time. Last time, Vanessa and David married people at first sight, and that didn't work for them. Maybe they will have better luck this time around since the matchmakers are setting them up in a different way.

If this show is a huge hit, then maybe they will bring back other couples who tried to find love. The show had an amazing first season, but since then they haven't had very much luck with being able to find another match that will last. Everyone loved the show that gave updates on the couples and so it wouldn't be surprising at all if this one was a huge hit as well.

Are you excited to see David Norton and Vanessa Nelson try to find love again? Don't miss this new show "Married at First Sight: Second Chances" when it airs on Lifetime on Thursday nights. New episodes will air each week on Lifetime and you can see if David and Vanessa are able to get their happy ending on reality television.