Lorde was recently interviewed by Sunrise. When the topic of her part in Taylor Swift's Girl Squad arose, the singer was keen to clarify her place in the group. The down to earth singer stated that they were all just people and that in reality, she didn't hang out with them as much as the tabloids would report. Lorde added that she and Taylor were friends but she views Swift as more of an idol figure. She is very grateful for even knowing the famous star and talk soon turned to her new album.

Lorde does not like exclusive groups

According to ET, Lorde has openly stated that she does not belong to Taylor Swift's girl squad.

The singer went into more detail about the revelation saying that magazines have been getting it wrong all this time. She openly admitted that she does not hang out with Taylor's squad but maintains the fact that she and Swift are friends. She refers to Taylor as her idol and someone she looks up to, just not someone who she would necessarily be calling up.

Lorde then went on to share her view of squads. The singer revealed that she never really got the point of them. In the past, she found the very idea of an exclusive squad frustrating. She said that the girls were just like any other group. Some of them she had talked to and knew but others she didn't really know at all. Lorde hastened to add that it was natural and is the same for any group of friends.

Lorde explained the nature of hanging with famous friends

According to the US, Lorde has compared being friends with famous people such as Taylor Swift to having a disease. The singer did not mean this in a bad way. She was merely explaining how difficult it was for people in the limelight to do normal things together. She stated that there were certain places that they would never go together.

This is understandable as many stars struggle with attention from both the media and the public.

Furthermore, she revealed that there are different conditions with each friend. Fans of Taylor Swift have taken Lorde's comment as shade. The singer was dismayed when she saw many false reports about the nature of her and Taylor's friendship in the media.

She took to Twitter to clear this up stating that Taylor had been there for her in good and bad moments in her life. She clearly respects Swift as a person and since then the hate has simmered down.

Lorde is due to start a 60-date world tour on September 26 before finishing on the 15 April 2018. The star is very excited to be touring again and hopes the rumors of her and Swift will die down soon.

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