The newlyweds on "Married at First Sight" met the other couples for the first time and discussed how their marriages are going. They were quite honest about their struggles. They have passed the half-way mark, and they will have to decide in three weeks if they want to stay married or if they want to divorce.

Cody and Danielle

Cody told the other couples that he and Danielle had not consummated their marriage yet. The other couples were shocked, and the men separated from the women so they could talk to Cody. The show is coming to an end in three weeks, and if they don't do so by the time the social experiment is over, technically they might be eligible for an annulment instead of a divorce.

That is probably not an option according to the policies of the show. This has never been an issue before with the other couples in the five seasons the show has been on the air. In some states, if the marriage has not been consummated, it can be annulled as if the marriage never happened.

Illinois, where the couple lives, is a state where the marriage could be considered invalid if consummation has not taken place. When the episode ends, the men concluded that things don't look so promising for Cody and Danielle's marriage.

Anthony and Ashley

Anthony and Ashley are working through the issues of Ashley wanting to keep her last name. She said her name is important to her. She suggested that Anthony could take her last name.

Hopefully, they can decide on that issue before decision day. It would be unfortunate if that turns out to be a deal breaker.

Nate and Sheila

Nate and Sheila keep going back and forth. They seemed to be getting along well on Thursday night's episode until the end. Sheila was screaming when she told Nate she couldn't do it anymore.

She said she was leaving the marriage. When the episode was ending, Nate was sitting at the table crying as Sheila walked down the stairs carrying her baggage.

Predictions for Decision Day

It will not be a shocker for viewers if Cody and Danielle end their marriage. If they have not built up enough trust and intimacy by this time, it is unlikely to happen at all.

Anthony and Ashley will probably say they will give their marriage a chance so they can start a family in about a year. Nate and Sheila will struggle with their decision, but they have had too many arguments recently for the marriage to survive. Besides, Sheila has already walked out on the marriage.

Viewers will find out for sure who wants to stay married and who wants to divorce in a few weeks. Watch "Married At First Sight" on Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.