couples on "Married at First Sight" still have problems. If they had to make a decision today, it is doubtful if any of them would choose to stay married. They have passed the halfway mark already this season and it doesn't look too good for any of them. However, one couple seems to be doing a little better than the other two.

Nate and Sheila

On last Thursday's episode, Nate took Sheila out to celebrate her birthday when she turned 31. They didn't enjoy the evening because they got into a senseless argument when Nate, 26, told Sheila that he once considered living in a garage to save money.

Even though it never happened, Sheila was upset that he had so much credit card debt that he would even consider it. Nate told the camera later that he was just joking.

Then on a trip to Galena, Illinois, Sheila refused to talk to Nate. The camera person tried to get her to respond, but she wouldn't. Before walking away, she told both of them several times, that she refuses to argue on camera. She said that might be what the producers want, but she is not doing it. In fact, she said she was ready to go home.

Cody and Danielle

The couples have celebrated their first month anniversary, but Cody, 26, and Danielle, 30, still haven't consummated their marriage. Cody thought it was going to happen after she planned a romantic evening for him.

After drinking and lying on a blanket in front of the fireplace, Danielle got up and remarked that she had one more surprise for Cody. She came back with a tray of marshmallows so they could make s'mores in the fireplace. Cody confessed to the camera that he was disappointed because that wasn't what he had in mind.

Cody is the owner of a gym.

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The next day, he took Danielle there and showed her how to use some of the equipment. They both seemed to have enjoyed the experience.

Anthony and Ashley

Ashley has a protective sister, and viewers found out on the last episode that Anthony also has a protective sister, Alena. Ashley and Alena chatted and the two women got along well.

Alena wanted to know from Ashley what her intentions are because she doesn't want her brother hurt. Alena seemed to approve of Ashley, and that was a relief for the new wife.

To celebrate their one-month anniversary, Anthony gifted Ashley with a bracelet that matched the necklace he gave her on their wedding day. Ashley was touched by the gesture. They did not fight during this week's episode. The only rough patch was when they played cornhole and Ashley quit the game and walked away before it was over. Anthony concluded that he couldn't understand how Ashley could marry a stranger but refused to throw a bag in front of people who were watching.

Next week's episode should be very interesting when all three couples get together for the first time. They will compare notes, and Danielle is not going to like what Cody has to share. Watch "Married At First Sight" next Thursday night at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.