According to Us Weekly on June 8, the couples on "Married at First Sight" have been married for a little more than three weeks now. They have been on their honeymoon and moved in together. While there are issues in all of the marriages, one couple seems to be working hard at trying to make their marriage work. Another couple is on the borderline, and the viewers are wondering why the experts put one couple together.

Nate and Sheila

From what viewers have seen, Nate and Sheila seem to be working hard to make their marriage work. The most obvious sign is that Sheila is the only one who has changed her surname on her driver's license.

Nate was very pleased and almost cried when she showed him her driver's license.

Also, the couple has welcomed Nate's brother into the household. It was really touching to see the three of them in the kitchen during a pizza-making contest. Sheila and Nate believe in family, and that was evident when the family did a fun activity together.

Nate's mother still has not accepted the fact that her son married a stranger. However, Nate is standing up to her and protecting Sheila every time his mother says something bad about his wife. Nate doesn't want to have to choose between his wife and mother.

Anthony and Ashley

Sheila changed her name on her driver's license which made her husband very happy. However, Ashley doesn't want to take Anthony's last name.

She wants him to take her last name or for her to have a hyphenated name. Anthony doesn't agree with Ashley. They have argued over the issue, and it could be a deal breaker for the marriage

Cody and Danielle

After three weeks, Cody and Danielle have not consummated their marriage. This is odd because Cody said he was sexually active before marriage.

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The 26-year-old husband keeps beating around the bush with his new wife. Danielle, his 30-year-old wife, doesn't seem to mind.

After a nice dinner and dancing, they gave viewers the impression that they would be more intimate. However, Danielle said she fell asleep because she was tired after being out with Cody. Danielle later confessed she might have made up that excuse to avoid physical intimacy with her husband.

Cody is beginning to think a part of Danielle doesn't want their marriage to work.

After eight weeks, the couple will have to decide if they want to stay married or get a divorce. The half-way mark is approaching. It will definitely be a bad sign if Cody and Danielle have not consummated their marriage by then.

What to expect next week

The couples will spend their first holiday together on next week's episode. Holidays in most marriages bring on enough stress, but it will be even more stressful for the newlyweds. That's because they will have to make adjustments and compromises concerning different family traditions.

From what viewers have learned about the couples, seeing how they will celebrate their first holiday together should be extremely interesting. Watch what happens on "Married At First Sight" on Thursday night on Lifetime.