'Dave Made a Maze' was written by Bill Watterson and is his first-time film debut. Screenwriters Steven Sears and Watterson bring this fantasy comedy to life. The movie was created on a small budget but received high praise at Sundance Film Festival. The movie follows character Dave as he gets trapped in a maze of his own invention. Casting includes Nick Thune, Meera Rohit Kumbhani, Timothy Nordwind and Stephanie Allynne.

Dave creates a fantasy maze

The movie focuses on the character of Dave, played by Nick Thune. Dave is a failing artist who has yet to create a widely recognized piece of art.

Out of frustration of his situation, Dave builds a fort out of cardboard in his living room. However, the movie takes a fantastical turn as Dave enters the fort and gets trapped inside. He is lost in his own creation and stopped by pitfall and booby traps as well as creatures he imagined into existence.

When girlfriend, Annie, finds the maze she is convinced by Dave that despite its outward appearance it is much bigger than it seems. Annie stocks up on supplies and man's a rescue mission with a gang of odd characters. However, on their quest to find Dave they too become lost in the creation. It turns out the maze has a mind of its own as it changes regularly. While the rescuers carrying on with their attempt to save Dave they find out they are being chased by a bloodthirsty Minotaur.

'Dave Made a Maze' is overflowing with creativity

The movie deals strongly with the theme of creativity and as such the set designs are doorways to the imagination. The maze is built out of cardboard and is small in scale. However, the production team has accommodated this once the characters enter. The walls may be taller but they are made of cardboard on the inside too.

The creatures inside the maze are made from various materials such as cardboard, markers, thread and the likes.

While some viewers may not understand the concept it is clear that the maze represents Dave's need to succeed as an artist. The creatures inside are physical manifestations of work he has created haunting him. The comedic slant to the movie is witnessed through both the physical set and the characters interactions with Dave's imaginary friends.

'Dave Made a Maze' was screened at Sundance Film Festival. The movie is 80 minutes long in total and contains many hilarious tongue-in-cheek moments. The script has many moments of passable seriousness in the absurd world created by Dave.