The Disney Channel was created in 1983 and has been running ever since. It has turned out some very successful original shows and movies. A new original movie titled 'Zombies' is currently in production. The Disney movie will be available come 2018. The plot of 'Zombies' follows the romance between a human and a zombie and the fallout that comes from their respective communities.

Disney's new movie 'Zombies'

The new Disney Channel Movie titled 'Zombies' is going to be a musical. The movie is set to premiere on the Disney Channel in 2018. According to CBC, the plot is to follow a group of teenagers who attend Seabrook High.

The fictional town upholds qualities of tradition and their community enjoys some good old pep rallies. Disney spokesperson Corina Galdamez has released a statement about the movie's focus.

According to Galdamez, the crux of the story surrounds a new transfer student to Seabrook High. Addison is not the only human to transfer to Zombie town as there is a new integration program for the zombie and human population. Addison is a cheerleader and meets Zed, a zombie football star. The two fall in love and this stirs up the community.

Casting includes Meg Donnelly, Milo Manheim, and Carla Jeffrey. These actors have starred in such shows as 'American Housewife', 'Ghost Whisperer' and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'.

Hamilton Street is completely transformed

The creators of the Disney Channel movie 'Zombies' have a clear outlook on the type of world they want to create. Hamilton Street has been completely changed for the shooting of the movie. The houses have been covered in paint of different colors. Bird cages and other decorations have been hung around the street.

Painted tires have been stacked around some of the homes and lights have been hung on the roofs.

Standing lamps have been put with the tires creating a wacky scene. Brass instruments resembling trumpets lead up to the doorways. Bikes have been added to fences surrounding the homes. The Disney Channel has created a magical fantasy land for the movie 'Zombies' which is sure to add to the viewer's experiences.

According to Debbie Spence, the head of the cities film, culture and music office has been overseeing the plans for the movie. The shooting had begun earlier this week and is due to wrap over the next few days. No further information has been released as of yet about 'Zombies'. Fans will have to wait until 2018 to watch the next original Disney movie.