A Wax Figure of famous singer Beyoncé was recently unveiled at Madam Tussaud's wax museum in New York. The wax figure has received a lot of criticism and backlash from the public as they have stated that the museum has white washed the wax representation of the celebrity. Madam Tussaud has since responded to the public's claims and has apologized for any offense that they have caused. The model was removed, and further alterations were made to correct the museum's errors.

The wax figure appeared much too light skinned

According to the Telegraph, Madam Tussauds in New York have recently finished their wax figure of singer and celebrity Beyoncé.

However, the final creation received a lot of criticism from the public as they claimed that the museum white washed the singer. Many of the public have taken to social media comparing pictures of Beyoncé's wax figure to other blonde haired white individuals. The 35-year-old singer did not look anything like herself, and this led to a massive outpouring of anger.

The Museum subsequently took the wax figure in the midst of the public scrutiny. Madam Tussaud's have released a statement apologizing to the public for the offense that they have caused. They also stated that the lighting can have an effect on the skin tone of the wax figures and that this may contribute somewhat to what the public is perceiving as the incorrect skin color.

They have also said that the flash photography that people may be used to take photos of Beyoncé's wax figure will also affect the coloring.

Madam Tussauds have since corrected the model

Madam Tussaud's took the public's concerns into consideration and took the wax figure away for further alterations. According to BET, they added more melatonin to the wax model as well as making some changes to the shape of the face.

Madam Tussaud's have released another statement saying that they have adjusted the lighting and the styling of the model and believe that they have corrected their mistake.

However, fans of Beyoncé are stills stating that the creation looks as terrible as it did before. The issue has become more than simply a terrible wax model.

It has become an issue about the continued White Washing of individuals of other ethnicities. Fans have stated that Madam Tussaud's has created incredibly life-like figures with the correct skin tone in the past, an example being the wax figure of Kylie Jenner. The public has stated that they are not happy with the corrections that Madam Tussaud has made.

There has been no further comment from Madam Tussaud about the wax figure of Beyoncé. While their attempts to fix the errors did not satisfy the public, it did show that the museum did not intentionally white wash the work.