Lydia Mclaughlin has announced she's returning to “The Real Housewives of orange county,” which premieres tonight on Bravo. Lydia seems excited to return to the show even though she only survived one season couple years ago. During the reunion special for “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” Lydia walked out of the reunion site because she felt that the topics of the ladies were discussing were too dramatic.

The show was once too much

She didn't enjoy that the ladies ended up yelling at one another and how they sat in tears as the drama continued to unfold.

Lydia later revealed in interviews that the show was simply too much for her and that her religious beliefs left her a different way. Just a few short months later, she gave birth to her third son Roman and she's been living in Orange County ever since. But on this season of the show, Lydia decided to make a return to the show because she felt ready to tackle the drama that's been on the show recently.

When she was filming before, she seemed to get along with everybody, but she simply couldn't stand that the other ladies were yelling at one another. Lydia wasn’t necessarily involved with the drama but she may have questioned her religious guidance and going on the show in the first place as she blames this for wanting to leave the show.

Doug supports her return to 'RHOC'

Now that she has her third son and her husband’s support, Lydia is ready to tackle the drama in Orange County once again, and this season she's not holding back. In a new Instagram post, Lydia McLaughlin thanked her husband for supporting her on the crazy ride that is the show. Her co-stars have revealed that fans will see a brand-new version of Lydia compared to what they've seen before.

On the previews for the season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County,” Lydia McLaughlin is caught telling Shannon Beador that she feels she's a lost soul. This clip alone is more dramatic than anything Lydia ever did on her previous season of the show.

The fact that Lydia can even speak out this way is enough to draw all fans in to see what exactly she's willing to do on this season of the show.

Many of the previous co-stars have revealed that this is a brand-new Lydia that they get to see as the show premieres tonight.

Are you excited about this new season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County?” Are you surprised and shocked that Lydia McLaughlin is returning and she's willing to be very dramatic and open-minded as the show takes its dramatic turns?