A new “General Hospitalspoilers video shows Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) is out of jail for her drug test tampering arrest and plans something horrible for Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig) in retribution. Obrecht thinks her life has fallen apart because of Finn, but it’s really her own twisted revenge that has wrecked her career. Obrecht is blind to that.

Obrecht wants to kill Finn's baby

In the brand new "GH" spoilers promo, the narration promises that "vengeance takes no vacation." Obrecht looks at Finn and says, "I have to take the most important thing in his life away from him." As Dr.

O says this, the video shows Finn lovingly caressing Hayden's little baby bump. It seems that Obrecht will target Hayden's baby - and possibly even Hayden herself.

Will Dr. O kill Hayden and the baby too?

As we know from recent "General Hospital" spoilers that Rebecca Budig has been let go from the ABC soap, that means the writers may kill off both Hayden and her baby. As she's not far enough along in her pregnancy for the baby to survive her death, it seems likely that both will die. Budig herself confirmed her departure and it didn't sound like a happy ending.

Budig tweeted after word leaked that her contract with "GH" had been terminated, "Unfortunately, Hayden is being written off the canvas," and she thanked ABC and showrunner Frank Valentini for the opportunity. Budig already finished shooting her scenes so that means she'll be gone from "General Hospital" for good this month.

WIll Hayden leave in a body bag?

Obrecht has a history of violence - Hayden's next!

Newer "GH" fans might not know how dangerous Obrecht is and it seems that Finn doesn't know either.

Dr. O has had it in for him ever since he came to the hospital back when she tried to block his hiring. When she got aggressive over Finn's hiring, she wound up demoted as "GH" Chief of Staff and was sent to the file room as punishment. Since then, Obrecht has been stewing.

When the plot emerged of Finn's substance abuse, Dr. O saw it as a perfect way to get Finn fired from "General Hospital" once and for all. The problem is, Monica Quartermaine (Leslie Charleson), Tracy Quartermaine (Jane Elliot), and Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) intervened and it was Obrecht who was caught in her own scheme instead.

Dr. O fired, lashes out, Nathan horrified

Obrecht's son Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) is a decent guy and won't be happy this his mom was arrested for tampering with drug tests, but when she targets a pregnant woman for revenge, Nathan will be done with her.

Obrecht is on the verge of losing everything in her life because her quest for revenge has blinded her to everything else.

There are "General Hospital" rumors that Kathleen Gati has also been written off "GH" and it seems likely after the revelations in this promo. If Finn doesn't kill her, it seems like Obrecht should be sent to Pentonville where she can be a roommate with her murderous sister Madeline Reeves (Donna Mills) who's doing life for stabbing Silas Clay (also Michael Easton) in the back.

Either way, this new "General Hospital" spoilers promo shows the beginning of the end for Hayden, her baby, and Obrecht - and also of Rebecca Budig and Kathleen Gati's future at the ABC soap. Check back for more "General Hospital" spoilers.