Jacob Roloff is now a published author. The former "Little People, Big World" star released a book entitled "Verbing," which is composed of three short essays on his reflections.

Jacob Roloff opens up

According to Jacob, "Verbing" talks about the three major seasons of his life: childhood, teen years, and the present. It is an honest expression of his thoughts during these moments and will include details about appearing on his hit family-oriented reality series.

Being Matt and Amy Roloff's youngest son, Jacob caused quite a stir when he suddenly quit "Little People, Big World" upon turning 18 two years ago.

Because of his decision, he was branded by the show's fans as the Roloff Family's "black sheep."

His new book will clarify his reasons and will let readers get a deeper understanding of his insights, Hollywood Life reported.

"I took this opportunity to share a 'little' bit of my story directly from me," Jacob stated upon announcing his book's release. "There are many rumors about me I care not to even justify with a rebuttal, and I realize that when I say I've spoken about film, people expect certain things."

"Verbing" is Jacob Roloff's first attempt at writing and publishing, and it won't be his last. The 20-year-old promised his followers that this is only the beginning. Fans can get a copy of the book through Etsy.com, where it is being sold for a little more than $5.00.

The Roloff 'Black Sheep' grows up

In an old blog post, Jacob slammed his family and their reality show for being staged and fake. Since then, he packed up, left home, and took a prolonged road trip with his girlfriend.

He documented his travels on his YouTube channel, filming and editing the scenes himself. He said that he's more comfortable being in front of the camera this way when he has full control over the content.

In one of the episodes, Jacob Roloff talked about the pressure of growing up in front of the public. He admitted that he's been rebellious in the past. However, he also stated that he's since done a lot of thinking and now bears no hatred against his famous parents and siblings.

Jacob has now returned to the Roloff Farms and has been spotted spending time with his family recently. This has sparked rumors that he may return to "Little People, Big World" again. After all, it has been a long time since fans have seen the whole Roloff family together in one episode. Jacob's sister, Molly, also left the show to pursue her college and career away from the limelight.

"Little People, Big World" airs every Tuesday, 9 p.m. ET on TLC.