When people are asked about qualities they look for in someone, whether it be a friend or a romantic partner, a quality that is often brought up is a good taste in music.But what does that actually mean? I don't think it's as straight forward as it sounds. Just as there are different people, there are different types of music. It's subjective; you can't just ask one person what it means. I've thought about a few abstract factors that could play a big role in how people define a good taste in music.


There are so many different genres of music.

When I put my music on shuffle, you're going to get a little bit of everything from Katy Perry to Bach. Being able to go from genre to genre could be really intriguing for someone.


For some, knowing the details about the music is just as important as the final product. They'll know a bunch of facts about how the music was made or perhaps if the artist writes their own songs or not. They could know how different songs were inspired or about how originally it was going to be recorded by a different artist.

Similar to their own

In this case, the person basically would want to have the same tastes as them. Perhaps they don't like a specific genre, or maybe just not whatever is on the Top 40 list.

Given that, the person should just say they would want someone with the same music tastes. It would just cause less confusion overall.

A deep appreciation

Perhaps someone likes that a person could find a deeper message within the lyrics to a song or really be able to decipher different instruments. There are some people that get really passionate when talking about their favorite music that you can just tell that they have a deep connection to it.

In the end

Someone's music taste shouldn't be the defining quality in any relationship. Music is about expressing a feeling, and bringing out an emotion of those who are listening. It's an experience, and it's not going to be the same for everyone. If you like any type of music, for whatever reason, go on and listen to it for as long as your heart desires.