"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for the coming week reveal that Abigail Deveraux will soon realize that she's made a terrible mistake. As many "DOOL" fans know, Abby decided to marry Dario Hernandez in a quickie wedding last week after he told her that the immigration agent was on his way. Abigail promised to marry Dario in order to keep him in the country, but she'll soon find out that he has been playing her the whole time.

Abigail spies on Dario

According to Soap Hub, Hope Brady will learn of Abigail's marriage to Dario, and things will get interesting from there.

Despite the fact that Hope just got engaged to Dario's older brother, Rafe, and the two are soon to be family, Detective Brady will warn Abby about Dario, and it will prompt the newlywed to look into her husband's motives. Abigail will begin to spy on her new husband, which will lead to her eventually putting a wiretap in Dario's office at Club TBD. Of course, Abigail will likely hear a lot of juicy tidbits as she listens in on Dario's personal conversations, and "Days of our Lives" viewers will be along for the ride. Will she finally find out that Dario has been crafting the entire situation to his benefit because he is so in love with her?

Nobody approves of the marriage anyway

Of course, the truth will come out eventually as all things do on "Days of our Lives," and when it is finally revealed that Dario and Abigail's marriage is a sham a lot of Salem residents will have something to say about it.

Abby's mom Jennifer has been against the marriage from the start and so has Abigail's brother, JJ. However, Chad seemed to be the most hurt by the marriage, as he and Abigail had just divorced right before she rushed the wedding to Dario.

"DOOL" fans know that Chad is obviously still in love with Abby, and was crushed by her decision to get married to Dario so quickly.

Once he finds out that Dario was manipulating Abigail's kindness, Chad will likely have a major confrontation with Dario, as the two have been building up to a big blowout for weeks now.

Chad and Abigail are meant to be together

It seems like it is only a matter of time before Chad and Abigail are officially back together. However, that leaves both Dario and Gabi out in the cold.

While many "Days of our Lives" fans believe that "Chabby" are meant to be together, it is heartbreaking for Gabi to have loved and lost Chad so many times in her young life. A lot of "DOOL" viewers are calling for the NBC soap opera to give Gabi a lasting love in the near future, as she deserves to be happy for as long as a soap character can be.