The title for the upcoming “Legends of tomorrowseason 3 episode 1 has been officially announced. The photos of the shooting location have also been leaked, hinting on a Tropical Island adventure.

EP revealed the official title that sounds like a paradise adventure?

The announcement was made on the official Twitter account of the executive producer Marc Guggenheim. According to the tweet, the premiere episode will carry the title “Aruba-Con.” The post did not include any explanation on the chosen title.

However, the title seems to hint that a tropical island adventure theme is about to unveil.

In the tweet, the executive producer also dropped additional information about the premiere episode. According to Guggenheim, Rob Seidenglanz will be the director of the first episode. The script was then a collaboration between Guggenheim and the other executive producer Phil Klemmer.

The post appears to be a photo of the cover page of the first episode script. It has a description in the middle that says “Based on characters appearing in DC comics.”

Guggenheim also confirmed through his tweet’s caption that first day of production has transpired yesterday, July 18. Based on the image, shooting of the first episode is expected to end by July 28.

Shooting location revealed?

It seems that today’s filming location has already been leaked. With reference to the title of the first episode, the leaks appear legit.

In a separate tweet by YVRShoots, the shooting spot has been revealed to be held at Jericho Beach in Vancouver. According to the post, the fantasy series will have an Arubagon Frat party at the beach.

Two photos were included in the tweet. One photo shows a nipa hut on the beach side, while another photo shows a cocktail kiosk on the sandy beach.

Behind the kiosk is a big banner marked with “Arubagon 2017,” hinting on the party theme.

Synopsis has previously hinted on Aruba

The newly revealed title of the premiere episode should not be a big surprise to the fans of the hit TV series. Aruba was already mentioned when the synopsis was revealed early in May.

Looking at the synopsis previously reported by Entertainment Weekly, the upcoming season 3 of “Legends of Tomorrow” will bring Mick Rory (played by Dominic Purcell) to Aruba. He will spend his well-deserved relaxation in the tropical paradise after the Time Bureau began to rule and the Legends have been disbanded. While Mick is having his grand vacation in the paradise, the synopsis revealed that he will meet one of the Legends in Aruba.

Legends of Tomorrow” season 3 episode 1 will air on Tuesday, Oct. 10 at 9:00 P.M. on The CW.