The legends will be coming back in order to fix their past mistakes! CW has just revealed the official synopsis details of 'Legends of tomorrow' season 3. Recently, the network just teased a little of what the upcoming season has in store for its viewers as they announced its new fall lineup. It seems that there will be huge clashes happening on the next season.

Legends will face new threat

During the past season, it can be remembered that Eobard Thawne was defeated by his equally evil Legion of Doom. Apparently, the legends will face new threats due to what happened in the previous season.

As the legends come back into action, Rip Hunter and his Time Bureau will be called for their methods into question.

The new synopsis reveals that the newly established Time Bureau will be the newest sheriffs in town. Meanwhile, the legends will disband until such time that Mick Rory arrives and will discover them while on his vacation in Aruba. On the other hand, Sara will also do her best in order to bring back the legends together. There will be an expected reunion of the billionaire inventor Ray Palmer together with the historian turned superhero Nate Heywood.

Further, Professor Martin Stein and Jefferson Jax will also be reunited and both of them will form the meta-human firestorm. As the story continues, these guys will challenge the Time Bureau's authority over the town.

Further, the legends will also insist that there are certain problems that are already beyond the Bureau's abilities and that only legends can fix.

Season 3 release date revealed

The latest synopsis that has been dropped by the network is only the tip of the iceberg on what will happen next in season 3. It is expected that new changes will happen in the new world.

Further, there will be new organizations which will be formed. Meanwhile, the upcoming season of "Legends of Tomorrow" will also feature Rip Hunter being the newest opponent of the team.

Further, with her courage to bring the legends back together, Sara will become the undisputed captain of the Waverider.

This paves way for Rip to leave the team and will turn himself into a villain. Moreover, the show is also keeping the character of Arthur Darvill without having to worry about another power struggle.

On the other hand, following the traditional launch date for CW superhero shows, "Legends of Tomorrow" season is expected to be launched in October. Meanwhile, its expected time slot schedule will be on Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m ET this fall.