Trust the talent competition show “America’s got talent” to bring on stage burgeoning musical talents who have led interesting lives or gone through some very trying circumstances. Recently, American television host-actor Chris Hardwick was so stunned by a young Filipino-American contestant from Atlanta, Georgia it made him push the Golden Buzzer.

Angelica Hale, 9, is a kidney transplant survivor. During her younger years, she acquired a bacterial infection in her lungs that led to double pneumonia. Like a handful of other young contestants who joined the show, the young crooner gave a powerful rendition of her chosen song.

Nod of Approval from 'America’s Got Talent' judges

Angelica’s interpretation of “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys got the audience cheering and the nod of approval of judges Heidi Klum, Mel B, Howie Mandel, and Simon Cowell. Hardwick exclaimed, ‘How did those pipes fit in that tiny body?' It turned out that Angelica’s tiny body has been ravaged by sepsis, but with medical intervention, she miraculously survived the harrowing health condition.

Angelica’s body responded well to a kidney transplant (a kidney was donated by her mother) in 2013. The girl has professed admiration for the late singing superstar Whitney Houston. She also expressed that she was so happy to make the cut at “America’s Got Talent” she plunged headlong into it for the win.

Angelica Hale’s previous singing stints

Angelica Hale had participated in various events in the past, including the 2017 Miss America pageant. She has actively been involved helping raise awareness and funds for the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

Hale has also performed “America the Beautiful” at the US Open Men’s Semi-Finals match highlighted by Roger Federer and Stan Wawrinka.

She considered it an unforgettable moment in her singing career.

'America's Got Talent' young singing sensations

Not so long ago, Simon Cowell was enthralled by a young lady contestant named Kechi Okwuchi who survived a plane crash at 16. The traumatic event took place in December 2005 and the girl lost her best friend. Over a hundred passengers perished in that ill-fated flight.

Another inspirational story is that of Mandy Harvey, 29, a songwriter-crooner who lost her sense of hearing at 18. The culprit was a connective tissue disease that left her deaf. The female contestant of "America's Got Talent" said she started singing when she was four but had to re-train herself after the illness set in. It was Simon Cowell who pressed the Golden Buzzer, sending Harvey to live shows