The Big Baller Brand is headed to Reality TV thanks to Facebook. LaVar Ball, the patriarch of the Ball family, along with his sons Alonzo, Lamello, and LiAngelo Ball have signed on for a reality series to get a closer look at what is really happening with the ballers.

This is not a surprising announcement, with the media that has surrounded the Ball family leading up to the newly signed Laker, Lonzo Ball. Lavar has infamously covered the headlines over the past year with rants ranging from him being able to beat Michael Jordan in a game of one on one, to stirring up the king of the NBA, Lebron James with controversial comments about his children.

This will not be Lavar's first rodeo on camera. The Big Baller Brand founder has been a frequent visitor on ESPN and recently Lavar, Lonzo, and Melo appeared on WWE, where Lavar ripped his shirt and challenged wrestler The Miz to a match. The announcement of the series comes after the July 4th release of Lonzo's red, white and blue versions of his signature shoe, which are priced at $495.

What we know so far

The series will be produced by Facebook as they have a strong desire to venture into original content creation. According to Deadline, the series is one of two video projects that Facebook will launch. The show is reportedly a partnership with Lavar's production company. Big Baller Media. The show length and number of episodes have yet to be disclosed.

What can we expect from the series?

Sources have revealed that we can expect to see more behind the scenes footage on the development of the Big Baller Brand from Lavar. We will also get a look at Melo's freshman year at UCLA. We will also follow LiAngelo Ball during his basketball career as a high school junior. Lastly, we will see Lonzo's journey as the number 2 draft pick with the Los Angeles Lakers.

There is a lot of hype behind Lonzo right now following Magic Johnson's comments about seeing a "Ball" jersey hanging in the rafters one day. We can only assume that the show will enlighten us on whether or not Lonzo lives up to the high expectations his father has set for him.

What we don't know is if Lavar's wife Tina will participate in the show.

According to a recent interview with Lonzo, his mother suffered a stroke in February in 2017 which affected her speech. He stated that his mother could not really speak at the time, but she was coherent and responsive to others. Lavar has been criticized for continuing to market his sons in spite of his wife's health, but he has defended his methods with the fact that promoting his family is his business.

A reality show about the Ball family was inevitable and coupled with Facebook's desire to create original content, it seems to be the perfect match. Whether you love him or hate him, Lavar Ball is proving to us that he and his Big Baller Brand are here to stay.

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