The recent LaVar Ball appearance on WWE 'Raw' amused some fans and outraged others, including at least one of the superstars involved in the show. On Tuesday, the criticism of the Ball family's appearance as part of the MizTV in-ring segment continued to hit the internet. WWE issued a statement, as did one of their superstars. A former champion in the WWE, who also has a prestigious family history in the wrestling business, reacted to the segment, which his match immediately followed.

What happened?

In a special appearance on WWE's "Monday Night Raw," LaVar Ball, son of recent Lakers' No.

2 NBA Draft pick, Lonzo Ball came to the ring. At first, he arrived out with son LaMelo Ball, the latest to follow in Lonzo's footsteps and play for UCLA. Then LaVar introduced his son, Lonzo, who came to the ring to some cheers from the Lakers fans at the Staples Center.

Once in the ring, things continued to go downhill, though. LaVar seemed to cut in a bit too much over The Miz in the ring for their arguing. When the two got involved in a scripted face-to-face argument, LaVar got riled up and ripped off his shirt to go shirtless in the ring. He backed up to the ring corner and handed off the mic to son LaMelo. A bit after, LaMelo was heard by many fans in attendance and watching on TV uttering a racial slur as part of his comments.

Dean Ambrose made an entrance during the segment to not only save the Ball family from more embarrassment but also to save the fans. That would lead to a match where Ambrose teamed up with Heath Slater and Rhyno to take on The Miz, Curtis Axel, and Bo Dallas. The Miz's team would end up getting the win, but the Ball family was no longer in sight after Ambrose had come out and "Raw" went to commercial.

WWE reaction to it

While videos, memes, and comments have been taking over the internet with regards to this Ball family incident, WWE is distancing itself from what happened. The company released a statement on Tuesday basically indicating the comments made by LaMelo on "Raw" were not part of their script and that it doesn't "reflect the values" of their company.

In addition to that, Curtis Axel, who was involved in the match after MizTV segment went awry, made comments after the show. Axel, who is a former Intercontinental and tag team champion, is also the song of the late, great "Mr. Perfect" Curt Hennig.

In a recent Bleacher Report article it's noted that Axel, real name Joseph Hennig, called the segment and "embarrassing." Axel would tweet about the segment referring to LaVar as a "dumb-ss." He also gave comments on a Minneapolis' 93X radio show indicating that it all was funny to watch from backstage, but that "Raw" is a "kids program" with a "PG-13" type rating. Hennig said this [the racial slur comments] was not anything they [the Ball family] were told to say for the segment.

Several weeks ago the Alexa Bliss in-ring skit called "This Is Your Life" to mock Bayley was ill-received and called by many fans the worst segment on "Raw" in years, or possibly the worst ever. Some may be giving LaVar Ball and his sons that distinction now, which is unfortunate for a superstar such as The Miz, who generally puts in great segments with his abilities on the mic. However, for a guy like LaVar Ball it seems all publicity is good for him at this point, until the spotlight is taken away.