After the cold reception of her 2015 album "Honeymoon" from her fans, Lana Del Rey released her newest album "Lust For Life." It can also be recalled that two new singles were also released on the same day (Groupie Love & Summer Bummer). Both single features a brooding instrumental arrangement, accompanied by subtle hip-hop beats and her signature wispy vocal style.

It appears now that her new album is certainly going back to the style that gave her success after the failure of the preceding album. Reports say that Del Rey is much happier now in her new songs as she continues to sing melancholic songs but remains hopeful with love.

LDR appears genuinely at her listening party

Because Lana Del Rey is known as the melancholic singer of dysfunctional love and romanticized drug use, it is rather fitting that her listening party for her latest album "Lust for Life" is held at No Vacancy. This place is a restored Victorian house in West Hollywood and is now serving as a chandelier-lit bar that served as an only location of silence among the industrial buildings that surrounds it.

LDR mentioned that the venue was fantastic. She continued to describe it as filled with the curtains of flowers with people inside consuming cotton candy and alcohol which compliments the garden they were in. The setting appeared to have been in parallel to Del Rey's song "Gods and Monsters" which speaks about an angel living in the garden of evil.

However, when LDR appeared in the venue, she looked so genuine and careless in her black long-sleeve shirt and track pants. Her dark hair was almost looking purple under the pink lights, was pony-tailed, and she was smiling. The artist performed so well without any band and casually roams around the stage while touching the arms of some fans as if they were her friends.

Later in the evening, the artist stopped singing and requested the fans if they could do a simple question and answer instead. So the questions were given after fans agreed to it. LDR appeared to be quite embarrassed when a fan cheekily asked her if would she go on a date with him. She immediately answered that she's been on a date with a fan then proceeds to ask how old is he and she were just smiling the entire time.

Evolution of Del Rey's style from 2011 to present

Lately, LDR is noted to portray colorful patterns, she's been seen wearing a swirling green and cream-color dress while on stage and matches it with a headband. Whether fans are nostalgic for those early days of Lana’s lonely glamor or drawn to her lighter modern styles, they still celebrate her latest release with a look back at some of the most memorable moments in her style evolution.