Big Brother 19” spoilers from Friday night (July 21) have really shaken things up in the game. This latest bit of news from the “BB19” house comes after the Battle Back episode on CBS, where it was revealed that Cody Nickson has a second chance at the $500,000 prize this summer. Cody got a lot of hugs from Jessica Graf, but then it was time to play the latest Head of Household Competition.

It is from that HOH Competition where some very important “Big Brother 19” spoilers have come up. It was Jessica Graf who won the HOH, giving her the ultimate power for the week and ensuring that Cody Nickson is going to be safe for at least one more week.

This also meant that Jessica got to name the two nominees for eviction.

Who did Jessica Graf nominate for eviction?

Given the power to name her two targets for the week, Jessica nominated Ramses Soto and Josh Martinez for eviction. The two guys will have to play in the Power of Veto and win the competition in order to ensure their safety for the week. It could be the worst week that Josh has in the “BB19” house, especially if Jessica is telling the truth about wanting him out of the game as soon as possible. Are the latest "Big Brother 19" spoilers from Jessica merely a tactic to confuse and distract Paul?

Behind the scenes, it seems quite obvious that Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson are going to be working to get Paul Abrahamian evicted.

Cody went after Paul earlier in the season but got thwarted when it was revealed that Paul had received one of the temptation powers from America. Cody then went after Christmas Abbott, who not only survived being nominated but also a bad injury that she suffered in the “BB19” house.

More 'BB19' spoilers to come this weekend

Last week, Alex Ow succeeded in getting Dominique Cooper evicted, making it the second straight week that the Head of Household has success with their nominations.

For that to happen in a third straight week, Jessica Graf would need to either get Josh Martinez or Paul Abrahamian out of the “BB19” house as quickly as possible. Both guys are going to be gunning for her and Cody Nickson, so it would be dangerous to allow either of them to survive much longer.

By tomorrow, the Veto Competition will have taken place, revealing to fans which houseguest has the Week 4 Power of Veto.

It will certainly shake things up and lead to an exciting Veto Ceremony next week. There could be a lot of drama in the house before that all takes place, though, providing a lot of additional “Big Brother 19” spoilers for subscribers of the live feeds.