Lana Del Rey is set to make her comeback after her 2015 release "Honeymoon" failed to captivate both fans and the music industry. The singer-songwriter is going back to her roots with her new album. She just dropped her new single, "Love," along with the accompanying music video that shows the singer glammed up in a sixties sort of way. Believe it or not, Lana has tried it all. She has been dark and smoky with her jazz lounge music. She also tried to represent her love for all things Americana and cowboys in some of her music videos.

Melodic star wants everyone to fall in love

Now it looks like Lana Del Rey is going back to the style that gave her success. She appears much happier in her new song. The new video, directed by Rich Lee, shows her performing in outer space. The video also features the songstress rocking darker hair and sunflowers in her hair, as she sings about a melancholic love but remains hopeful. Pop Star Magazine gave the song an 8 out of 10.

Lana Del Rey has been working on new music, which she has been teasing on social media. She also teased fans about her collaboration with Miles Kane in a new interview with Radio 2 and said that she's been working with the Last Shadow Puppet artist, according to DIY Magazine.

Lana revealed that her new album will be a lot more fun and expect her collaboration with Miles to be the same. She wanted to bring some lighter music to a heavy political climate.

Little details given about singer's upcoming album

In addition, a recent press release stated that Del Rey's new album will include some other guest featured artists with more details to be shared as time goes on.

She also said in the press release that this album is more for her fans, while her first four albums were more for herself and her style of music. Del Rey also teased that she has some special surprises and events coming up in the next few months.

When it comes to the aesthetic for Lana Del Rey's new album era, she said that she wanted to mix her Retro style with "a futuristic flair." Her label, Interscope, has been open to her ideas in regards to her style and single releases, so she feels less pressure with this album.

Lana is happy that she gets to make music that she still supports, even if it's more for her fans. She has also been announced to perform at the 2017 Oya Festival and the first Lollapalooza Paris festival.