Kimberly Davis is an R&B songstress who serves as the lead vocalist in a disco group called "CHIC" where she performs alongside Nile Rodgers. Kimberly possesses a powerful voice that has been compared to musical icons Deborah Cox and Whitney Houston and her vocal range is on display via her latest single, "My Fire." The song recently reached #1 on the Billboard Dance Charts which delighted Kimberly, Nile, and producer Tony Moran. While promoting her solo single, Kimberly is also touring with legendary band Earth, Wind & Fire and she recently spoke about her career and her hopes for the future.

Songs, singles, and R&B

Meagan Meehan (MM): What prompted you to embrace singing and what most appealed to you about R&B?

Kimberly Davis (KD): Actually, I've been singing since I could talk so being born with the music in me caused me to appreciate all music especially R&B because it was the most soulful, besides church, which is definitely all in my background!

MM: You have an incredible voice and vocal range, so when did you first discover the depths of your talent and do you do anything to maintain your voice?

KD: So, when I came out screaming the doctor said: Well.... she has good lungs.” And that was the beginning of it all! I would sing commercials, every song on the radio and at every family function since the age of two.

All throughout elementary and middle school, I was known as the girl who can sing but I wasn't groomed until I went to the High School of Music and Art aka LaGuardia HS. That's where it all went down for me. I still practice things that I've learned in high school. One of the things I learned was the only real way to preserve your voice is to vocally rest it.

Mint tea with honey and a Ricola is all cute but you basically have to rest your cords. It's an instrument that needs to be protected as well so a scarf to cover your throat is also a good idea.

MM: How did you become part of CHIC and when did you meet Nile Rodgers and Tony Moran?

KD: I've been singing with Chic since 2009. I actually had a nine-to-five job when I auditioned.

One day I left my job on a lunch break, drove to the city for an audition and came back to work to quit because I was hired by Nile Rodgers on the spot! It was the biggest leap of faith I have ever taken in my life but I felt it was where I needed to be. I met Tony Moran through my first label when he remixed a song I did. We've been musical besties ever since. We totally get each other.

MM: When did you decide to branch out as a solo artist and do you write your own songs?

KD: I was part of a girls group in high school but after graduating I started pursuing a solo career. I've done background for several artists but solo was always the goal. Finally getting a chance to shine is everything I expected it to be.

I love the girl group thing but it always requires a lot of patience when dealing with more than one chick in a band, haha. I have collaborated with songwriters to build up my writing chops since I work better with a partner.

MM: Your solo debut, "My Fire," went to #1 on the dance charts! Can you tell us a little bit about the song and what makes it so appealing?

KD: “My Fire” was a song produced by the wonderful Tony Moran and written by two mutual friends Mike Greenly and Audrey Martells. Once the song was done they sat around and said: “Who can sing this song and get the point across to the public?” Then they all agreed on me, Kimberly Davis! That's when I came into the studio and sang it one time through because I connected immediately.

When it was finished I said we have to have Nile Rodgers add some funk to it which is what he does without trying and Behold - a #1 hit single! Who would have thought? The feedback from supporters and listeners are “I'm twirling right now” or “I'm working out to the song.” So that lets me know that the song is motivational. It gets you moving. It lights a "fire" under your butt and makes you accomplish things which to me is awesome.

Music charts and future ambitions

MM: What was it like to find out that you had topped the dance music charts?

KD: There is nothing like knowing that all your hard work is being recognized by having it hit the top of the charts. It wasn't a piece of cake which makes me feel more accomplished because the work put in means it was well deserved.

MM: You are touring with Earth, Wind, and Fire, so what's it like to be around such a historically beloved, important, and talented band?

KD: I'm actually on the tour bus as we speak! We have done tours with other bands before but this tour is everything! Earth, Wind, and Fire have a mutual love and respect for CHIC and vice versa. The music alone is classic and the two of us together produce the best night that some people have ever had. It's awesome when you have Philip Bailey and Verdeen White telling you that your voice gives them chills.

MM: What have been some of the greatest experiences you've had working as a professional singer and what kind of feedback from fans have you gotten?

KD: One of the most memorable gigs was the farewell party for Obama at the White House.

Not only was it star-studded, but everyone was there to just have a good ole house party. And watching Barack and Michelle do the soul train line was that and then some! The response from fans is the same and it lets me know that they are paying attention and that I'm doing my job correctly. If you have goosebumps after I sing a song then I did the right thing!

MM: Are you working on any other songs at the minute?

KD: Yes, we are definitely working on a follow-up song that needs to be just as fabulous as " My Fire" so please stay tuned for developments in the near future!