The Rumors Are Flying about Kody Brown and his four wives. They show the world their life on "Sister Wives," but there are constant rumors that they are splitting up. Now, Gossip Cop is sharing that Life & Style shared that Kody has plans to divorce all four of his wives and move on. Of course, this would make for great ratings for the show seeing all of the drama go down. "Sister Wives" doesn't really have issues bringing in the ratings, though. The fans love this show about Kody and his four wives.

What did Life & Style originally report?

The original report was that Kody Brown was planning to get a divorce, from not one wife, but actually all four of them.

The viewers have seen him go through some problems with his first wife Meri Brown, but there was no reason to think that he would leave all four of them. The report even said that the wives were ready to walk out on him as well, but Kody might beat them to it. They aren't revealing who their source is though.

A source shared their thoughts saying, "I believe Kody is about to wipe the slate clean by divorcing all his wives." The source went on to say that the divorces might be good for Kody and that this is what he wants to do. Starting over with all new wives, would be a huge change for Kody Brown compared to the life he is used to living now.

The source even went on to say that Kody Brown has big plans to move on to younger wives.

That would be pretty surprising for everyone, but now that Kody has the fame from the show, he might be able to do it. The source also claimed that Meri and Robyn have hopes to do their own spin-off. You know that the fans would watch that for sure. There has been talk about Meri leaving for years, but she has continued to stick by Kody.

What was Gossip Cop able to find out?

Gossip Cop was able to talk to a source close to production for "Sister Wives" and they said none of this is at true at all. It sounds like Kody and his wives are still all together. At the end of last season, Kody was still married to Robyn, Christine, Janelle and Meri. Everyone has seen the issues between Meri and Kody, but it looks like they have finally been able to find a way to work it out.

Did you believe the rumors that Kody Brown was going to divorce all of his wives? Do you feel like they are having problems? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. At this time, TLC hasn't confirmed if the show is coming back for another season or not, but the fans are hopeful that "Sister Wives" will return.