Fans of "Sister Wives" have been watching Janelle Brown go through trying to lose weight and struggling with it. Now, In Touch Weekly is sharing that Janelle is doing great with her weight loss and has been sharing how she is doing with her fans.

How is Janelle doing now eight months into her weight loss journey?

Janelle brown is a working mother and has six children of her own, plus of course, all of the other kids in the family. She recently shared a selfie of herself after the gym and said, "Not looking all that great but wearing a happy smile because I made myself show up for the 4 pm class.

Now I can go home, take care of the family and feel at peace because I took care of myself.” Janelle realizes that taking care of herself is important for her family and she is focusing on that right now.

Janelle has an Instagram page and also a blog post where she is sharing about her weight loss journey. She has been very open about it, which helps other women realize that they can do it too.

What is Janelle Brown doing to lose weight?

One thing that Janelle Brown is doing is that she has been working out a lot. She has even made herself go to a group workout class, which was out of her comfort zone, but she did it. Her blog Strive With Janelle shares what she is up to and how it is going for her. Janelle talks about how you should start your diet now and not just say "someday." She also speaks out about crazy things like fitting into an airplane seat.

Janelle admits that this can really stress her out. One moment on an airplane made her realize that a lot of other people have this issue and struggle about wondering if they will fit in the seat as well.

Right now, it has not been confirmed that "Sister Wives" will be back for another season, but the fans would love to see it back again. TLC is known for constantly waiting to tell the viewers about a new season until it is just about to air.

Honestly, "Sister Wives" could already be filming and just not telling the fans about what is going on. If they are filming, Janelle will share her weight loss journey with her fans. She was very open and even showed the scale last season.

Are you excited to hear how much weight Janelle Brown has lost? Do you think that "Sister Wives" should come back for another season?

Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and hopefully, news will come out soon about "Sister Wives" and if it will return. This show is a fan favorite so it would be shocking if they don't bring it back again.

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