There are talks that Kody Brown and his four wives are returning to television soon with a new season of "Sister Wives." The speculation comes weeks after the Brown family welcomed their first grandchild, baby Axel James Brush. Maddie Brown Brush, Kody's daughter with his second wife Janelle, gave birth to baby Axel last May 22.

Kody Brown as a grandpa

"Sister Wives" wrapped up Season 7 last year and TLC has not made any announcement if the reality show will be renewed for another one.

However, the network has been giving Kody Brown's brood much attention lately, especially after baby Axel's arrival. Just last week, Kody and Janelle appeared in a video on TLC's website to talk about their excitement over being first-time grandparents.

They narrated that their daughter Maddie decided on a home birth delivery so she could share the experience with everyone in their big, unconventional family. Kody Brown also discussed that baby Axel being born into a Polygamous Family means he's getting four grandmas instead of one. For Janelle, Axel's biological grandmother, this is a good thing. Kody and Janelle aren't the only ones who can't stop gushing about the newest addition to the Brown family.

Kody's three other wives Meri, Christine, and Robyn have all expressed their joy over the fact that they are now grandmas too.

Meri, Kody's first wife, tweeted that she's "super beyond excited" about baby Axel's safe arrival. Meanwhile, Kody's fourth and only legal wife Robyn also took to Twitter to publicly congratulate Maddie and her husband Caleb Brush.

"Sister Wives" new season: to focus more on baby Axel?

Because of the renewed attention Kody Brown and his family are getting now, fans are anxiously waiting for an announcement from TLC for a brand new season.

It will be interesting to see how the family of four households will be sharing their new grandson. Previously, "Sister Wives" has dealt with dramas and controversies surrounding their polygamous set-up. But perhaps the biggest issue the Brown family has ever faced was when Meri came out and admitted that she has been involved with someone else on the internet.

Dubbed by fans as "Meri's catfish scandal," Meri tearfully admitted that in her moment of weakness, she entertained a guy she met online only to find out later on that he was really a woman pretending to be a man to try to swindle her. Kody Brown has 18 kids in total. He and Robyn welcomed their youngest daughter last January 2016. His daughter with Christine, Mykelti, is now also married.

With talks of a new season, perhaps "Sister Wives" will now move on from past dramas and focus on the exciting new additions to their family.

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