"Killing Ground" was directed and written by Damien Power who is known for his shorts "Peekaboo" and "Bat Eyes". In this horror movie, Power brings the plight of survival to light. The film focuses on three groups of people who have gone camping. The first family's tent is all that is left of them and that is what new comers Sam and Ian find on their New Years camping trip. The story of the first family unfolds and the audience learns that there are sociopaths in the woods. The couple is in a remote area and they come across two hunters. Casting includes such actors as Harriet Dyer, Ian Meadows, Aaron Pederson and Aaron Glenane.

The suspense begins with the abandoned tent

"Killing Ground" is a movie that is filled with suspense and tension. This all begins as characters Sam and Ian arrive at their campsite to find another tent already set up. In the trailer, the couple ponders who their campsite neighbors are, never realizing that they will never find out. As the days of their stay stretch on Sam goes to investigate the abandoned tent. Inside she finds another families items and clothes, including the hat belonging to a baby.

Immediately the couple realizes that something is terribly wrong. Sam and Ian run into their car and when it refuses to start two strangers enter the scene. They greet the couple and introduce themselves as a pair of hunters.

One of them precedes to take out a gun and show the couple. The air is full of danger as Sam and Ian realize these people have to be responsible for the disappearance of the other campers.

The trailer then fasts forwards to the couple fleeing on foot. They are being pursued by the hunters, played by Aaron Pederson and Aaron Glenane.

The sociopaths even have a dog that pursues the couple on foot. The audience is kept at the edge of their feet for the entirety of the movie.

The horror has received great reviews

"Killing Ground" has received some great reviews after it was screened at the Sundance Film Festival. Power has been praised for his work on the Australian horror and is well known for his block shots which are used to shock the audience.

He has taken the typical concept of horror and camping and twisted it slightly to make for a psychologically terrifying movie. The stellar cast creates the sense of connection with the audience as they fight to survive.

"Killing Ground" will be released in theaters in the US on July 21, 2017. The critically acclaimed horror is sure to make the audience second guess their next camping trip.