“Hawaii Five-O” has had its share of heated press in the past several weeks. The departure of Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park over parity in salaries put the CBS series in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Chi McBride, and other beloved favorites on the force joined for the traditional “Hawaii Five-O” blessing of the new season this month and got down to the business of starting filming last week.

Now, the drama is hoping to move onward from its media mire and lean on the legions of “Hawaii Five-O” faithful to welcome three new cast members, announced just hours ago.

One of the trio is hardly new. In fact, Ian Anthony Dale is already “ohana” in the crime fighting family. Two new talents round out the new regular cast, and only time and the ratings will reveal if they are welcomed with open arms.

A familiar regular

Ian Anthony Dale has been a presence on “Hawaii Five-O” since Season 2 in 2011 as Adam Noshimuri. The veteran actor and Minnesota native have a long list of feature film and television credits, including roles in “The Hangover,” “The Bucket List,” and “Tekken.” Dale had long-running guest roles on TV’s “Surface” on NBC, ABC’s “Day Break,” “Criminal Minds” on CBS, and NBC’s “The Event” before coming to the island crime set.

The star has kept his name prominent in acting credits this summer, portraying Harris Anders in CBS’ “Salvation.”

Dale’s character of Adam had a lot of suspicions and a very troubled past with the Japanese organized crime arm, Yakuza, before being accepted as one of the good guys.

Much to his own personal peril, he proved his love for Kono, portrayed by Grace Park, by saving her life, and she, in turn, followed him to the ends of the earth as he ran from those criminal captors. The couple’s wedding was a dream that almost never came true in Season 5, thanks to the interference of Gabriel Waincroft. Kono stood by Adam’s side as he turned himself into police, and served his prison time.

Season 7 saw Kono flying away to Carson City, NV, on a new mission to rescue young girls from the sex trade.

Alex O'Loughlin's alter ego, Lt. Commander, Steve McGarrett, is reportedly the one who will recruit Adam to the “Five-O” team full-time.

The role of Tani revealed

Meaghan Rath is the actress who will portray the part of Tani Rey, and stubborn but very savvy police officer recruit who has some rebellion issues with the Academy.

She is working as a lifeguard when Steve McGarrett recruits her to become part of the elite company to crack perpetrators. Rath starred in the SyFy channel’s “Being Human,” and another short-lived Fox series. She also had a part in “New Girl.” Rath is Canadian, and her exotic look may entice a few viewers who are able to work past not seeing their former cast favorites.few viewers who are able to work past not seeing their former cast favorites.

It is possible to replace the emotional and physical power that Grace Park and Daniel Dae Kim brought to their characters. Park could melt hearts with the depth she brought to Kono’s gaze, then kick any crook where it counted with her fierceness. Daniel Dae Kim brought another kind of depth, a respect for tradition, and quiet ties to history as Chin Ho Kelly.

Steve McGarrett will have to make way for another ex-Navy seal with the addition of Beulah Koale The New Zealand-born actor will be in the role of Junior Reigns, a newly-home Navy officer, again recruited to “Hawaii Five-O” ranks by McGarrett. Does his character’s name indicate a plan to “reign” over crime, or over “Five-O”?

Time will tell how all the stories shake out in Season 8, set to start September 29.