"General Hospital" spoilers for Thursday, July 20 reveal that Laura (Genie Francis) goes directly to Sonny (Maurice Benard) for help. Laura knows going to Sonny will put Valentin's (James Patrick Stuart) life at risk, but she doesn't care. Laura wants Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) back safely and will use every resource at her disposal. After Laura goes to Sonny, he turns to Jason (Billy Miller). The new "GH" promo video on the kidnap drama shows Jason captures and tortures Valentin for answers about the kid.

Carly (Laura Wright) is there with Sonny when Laura comes by and she's concerned about Spencer too but doesn't want her husband to get his hands dirty.

Sonny promised her he would go legit and be roughing up a kidnapping suspect isn't something a law-abiding citizen will do. Laura pleads her case and Carly lets Sonny know what she thinks, too. Sonny feels pulled in two directions but, in the end, he will help Laura because he can't stand the idea of Valentin harming Spencer.

Nina's faith is shaken

At the PCPD, as the Thursday, July 20 "GH" episode begins, Nina (Michelle Stafford) is stunned to see her ex-husband Valentin arrested for Spencer's kidnapping. He did have a page from Spencer's "Hamlet" script on him, but that doesn't indict him. Of course, the room we saw Spencer taken to is the same basement that Maxie (Kirsten Storms) was held by Valentin's henchman who mistook her for Claudette (Bree Williamson) last year.

Is that just "GH" reusing an old set? Or is it a sign that Valentin is responsible?

The "GH" spoilers promo also promises a shocking twist in the case and Valentin taking him would not be a shock, so maybe it's someone else. Nina's face falls today when Valentin is cuffed and he asks Nina if she still believes in him. Nina has defended Valentin for months and it hasn't always worked out for her, so this one is hard to predict.

Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) makes a call and asks someone to come down to the station ASAP. Is it Lulu (Emme Rylan) or another family member? This drama today looks intense.

Obrecht digs into Hayden's past


Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) wants to punish Finn (Michael Easton) for ruining her career - even though Obrecht ruined her career by trying to sabotage him. Dr. O decides to dig into Hayden's past as Rachel Berlin and is busy researching her target's past online. Hayden is stunned to find Dr. O still in her office even though she was fired and her boxes were packed for her to leave. It looks like Obrecht found something good that will send Hayden scurrying out of town soon. A "GH" promo promised Obrecht would harm Hayden and their child.

Meanwhile, "General Hospital" spoilers for Thursday, October 20 reveal that Finn meets up with Lucy (Lynn Herring) to discuss the house he wants to buy for him and Hayden.

Lucy shows up to "GH" and promises Finn that she has the keys to his dream home. Hayden might miss seeing the house unless she can get loose of Obrecht. Also, there are "GH" spoilers for Hayden through the remainder of July, so it seems whatever Dr. O has in mind, Hayden isn't leaving quite yet but we know Rebecca Budig exits "GH" soon.

30-second "GH" recap for Wednesday, July 19

If you missed the Wednesday, July 19 "GH" or dozed off, here's a quick look at what happened. Julian came to ask Alexis to testify for him at this trial. He reminded her he did everything he did to keep her and his kids safe.

Alexis staged a mock trial and grilled him to let him know what he was facing. As they finished, she got a knock at the door and a summons to appear for the prosecution at the trial.

Laura got a call from Spencer's camp to alert her that he's gone missing and she called Dante for help. Valentin and Charlotte enjoyed ice cream at the MetroCourt while kidnap suspicions grew. Kevin joined Laura for support. They headed to the MetroCourt and Dante rounded up Valentin for questioning so he left Charlotte with her grandma. A witness said Valentin snatched Spencer and they found part of Spencer's play script so Valentin was arrested.

Finn got a clean test result and a surprise party for being officially back on staff.

Nathan dropped by to chat with Nina and Obrecht interrupted. Nathan left and his mom asked Nina to help her find a job. Obrecht headed back to work and was angry when she mistook Finn's party for a celebration of her own "great" deeds. Hayden needed her for being awful and asked how she could think a party was for her.

Hayden reminded Obrecht she was a great doctor but a terrible person. Obrecht sat glumly in her office of packed boxes then decided to look up Finn but changed her mind and started researching Hayden instead including her former name Rachel Berlin. Kevin and Laura covered for Valentin and reassured Charlotte that her Papa was helping the police and it's no big deal. Charlotte was bummed because she didn't get to go to Wyndemere to see the horses.

Be sure to watch "GH" today and come back often for more "General Hospital" spoilers.