"columbus" was directed by Kogonada and featured in the Sundance Fim Festival. The movie was also written by Kogonada and centers on two characters who face the potential death of a parent. The movie is Kogonada's first attempt at a feature-length film and has gained immense popularity. Casting includes such actors as John Cho and Haley Lu Richardson.

Two characters develop a deep relationship through grief

Casey, played by Haley Lu Richardson, has always lived in Columbus. She is reluctant to leave because her mother lives there. Jin, played by John Cho, is a book translator who is visiting Columbus when his father collapses and is hospitalized due to a coma.

Jin's father is a professor of architecture, something Casey wants to pursue in her own life. From the very beginning, these characters were destined to interact.

Casey and Jin's lives cross at the hospital. They immediately form a close bond. They open up to each other about their lives sharing their struggles with their parents, and more. The complicated intricacies of human relationships are explored. Both Casey and Jin are in relationships but the pair are drawn to each other. They become a voice of reason for one another and a shoulder to lean on. Kogonada reveals the poignant moments of human connection through these characters.

The beauty of architecture is explored in 'Columbus'

The character of Casey redefines the manner in which the audience look at architecture.

Through her character, Kogonada explores the human relationship to both imaginative and physical creation. Architecture becomes the combination of the two and as Jin learns from Casey about the town of Columbus a new relationship is formed with this creation.

Buildings play a huge part in stunning visuals of the movie "Columbus". The sense of place is established early on for character Casey and the surrounding architecture plays a major role in this.

She opens her world to Jin and as she does so she allows new perspectives into her space. Her outlook on life and her sense of where she belongs shifts. As the voice-over in the trailer echoes, it was like she had been transported somewhere else

Other members of the cast include Parker Posey, Rory Culkin, Jim Dougherty and Erin Allegretti. "Columbus" first appeared at Sundance Film Festival, making its way across to similar film events in France, Boston, and Seattle.

The film runs for 104 minutes in total and is expected to come to theaters on August 4.

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