Kesha recently released the track "Praying" which was the artist's first song in a while. Kesha was involved in a court case with her former manager and was unable to release the music she wanted. Kesha accused her manager, Dr. Luke, of sexual assault and emotional abuse. The court case has since come to an end, and Kesha is releasing the music she wrote during that difficult time in her life. She released "Woman" earlier this week, and the track is a celebration of the Power of women.

'Woman' is all about woman power

Kesha's newest track is all about the power women have. She wrote the track alongside Drew Pearson and Wrabel.

The song begins with a country track, and a woman is singing about how she belongs to a man. Kesha immediately shuts down the ideology of being possessed by a man. The song begins with a strong beat, and Kesha shows the world what it means to be a strong woman.

The track was recorded at Daptone Records, a studio in New York City. Many famous artists have recorded in the studio, and now Kesha has joined their ranks. "Woman" is the second track Kesha has released off of her new album titled "Rainbow." While "Praying" was a depiction of the turmoil the star went through as a result of the abuse at the hands of her former manager, "Woman" is Kesha's way of claiming back her power. This powerful song has a strong message that many of her young fans will benefit from hearing.

Kesha reveals all about her new song

According to Rolling Stone, Kesha has always felt the power of being a woman. She revealed that since the recent events in her life, she felt that woman needed an anthem to celebrate their power. Kesha spoke of how integral women are to the world. She stated that women make up half the world's population, and that they hold the power to put an end to human kind as we know it.

The star admits that she thoroughly enjoyed the experience of writing the song. Kesha admitted that she has always been a feminist. She stated that it was enjoyable writing the song with two men, explaining that it showed how men can be feminists and play supportive roles too. She added that this song is not only for women but for the men of the world too.

Kesha has been shocking the world with her new emotional and empowering tracks. Her upcoming album "Rainbow" draws directly from her real life experiences. The star is determined to show the world how they can draw power from within themselves. She has certainly achieved this with "Woman."

"Rainbow" comes out August 11.

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