On the annual celebration of the Fourth of July, Kelly Clarkson took to Twitter and posted a patriotic and humble message which says, “Thank u 2 every person in service 4 protecting all of us and cheers to every person who fought for us to experience freedom & independence." However, much of her surprise, one of her Twitter followers called her "Fat" as a reply to that tweet and the person was identified as @Euger23.

With much confidence, the Grammy-winning pop star has responded to the trolls online and she added that she is still feeling awesome despite being fat. As for the Twitter troll, most of her fans have defended her and confronted the person who made the shaming comments on the social media.

Clarkson keep her cool

Most of the time, the new "The Voice" coach has been greatly criticized due to her weight. Apparently, facing criticisms online over her weight is no longer new to her. A lot of her fans have praised her for keeping her cool despite the body-shaming reply that was made by this Internet troll. To recall, Clarkson once made a guest appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres" show back in 2015 and she added that she has been dealing with remarks about her weight for years.

A report from CNN also stated that many of Clarkson's fans have supported her since the rude comments were made. She was praised for reacting to the online backlash constructively. Further, it was also believed that the popular singer no longer cries amid weight criticisms.

Instead, she will only laugh at them considering the fact that she has a good career and is happy with her life.

Weight fluctuation

Over the years, Clarkson also admitted that she tried working out for her weight. She even faced weight fluctuations as she tried to achieve her weight goals. Since she gave birth to her daughter back in 2014, she no longer shed off enough weight.

However, the Grammy-winning singer doesn't give much of a deal on her online critics.

She also revealed that she has been dealing with numerous critics since she won on the first season of "American Idol." Hence, being called fat is no longer new to the pop star. As of now, Clarkson has continued to keep her cool amid the criticisms that she continually faced being overweight.

On a brighter side, Clarkson is a lot happier being a mother of two and a happy wife to her husband, Brandon Blackstock.

Despite the fact that her weight hasn't changed over the years, the pop star still feels confident and happy about how she looks. Apparently, she loves being herself and doesn't consider her weight to be a big issue.

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