Kathryn Dennis returned to “Southern Charm” this past season after having spent some time in rehab in California. Kathryn admitted that she was wrong in doing drugs and she was wrong in lying about her test results last year. While she was away at rehab, Thomas Ravenel stepped up to take care of their two children Kensey and St. Julien.

However, it sounds like things are not necessarily going well in Charleston, even though they tried to make peace in the “Southern Charm” season finale, which aired on Bravo two weeks ago. It has just been revealed that Kathryn Dennis has lost custody of her two children and that Thomas Ravenel now has full custody of the two children.

She doesn't want to be outdone by the nanny

While Thomas has full custody of the two children, Kathryn can focus on her own life and get herself healed. But according to new Radar Online report, Kathryn Dennis has a problem with the nanny that Thomas supposedly hooked up with behind her back. While Kathryn surrendered custody of her children, she will not let him stay at the house with the kids as long as the nanny is there as well. According to the report, neither Dennis nor Ravenel is allowed to use the nanny that he supposedly hooked up with while she was in rehab in California.

According to the Radar Online report, Kathryn Dennis has accused Thomas of dating his nannies teenage daughter during their 2016 custody battle.

Dennis also claimed that he had no problem encouraging underage drinking in their home, and even in front of their two children. It sounds like Dennis wants to portray Thomas in a negative light and she even hints that there was possible drug use happening in front of the kids.

Should fans believe her story?

Dennis may not be the right person to accuse Thomas of doing drugs, as she failed a drug test herself and went to rehab in California.

The judge may not believe what she has to say, even though it may be true. The horrifying thing about this entire situation is that Kathryn Dennis is now revealing that Thomas supposedly tried to get to the children to call their nanny for their mother.

If this is true, he was essentially downplaying Kathryn's role in their lives.

If this is indeed true, it is one of the saddest and most devastating things he could possibly do to Kathryn. The state of the relationship will possibly be discussed on the upcoming reunion special, which airs on Bravo next week.

What do you think about Kathryn Dennis calling out Thomas Ravenel over his parenting? Do you think her comments about the nanny, his illicit drug use, and him trying to get the nanny to be their mother are true?

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