Shep Rose has been on “Southern Charm” since the show began a couple of years ago. Over the years, Shep has revealed that he is not interested in being tied down in a single relationship where he feels like he has to adhere to other people's wishes. Over the years he has constantly shown himself to be irresponsible, unreliable, and just plain fun when he's out with his friends.

So when Shep Rose had a crush on Chelsea Meissner on this season of “Southern Charm,” he was devastated when his friend Austen Kroll decided to pursue her. During a heated moment this season, Shep revealed that he had plenty of friends and he did not need more, as he walked away from Austen.

At the time, he was simply trying to explain why he wanted to pursue Chelsea.

Could he still be interested in Chelsea?

For a while, fans thought that this friendship was completely over. Even though the two had made peace since the show ended, it sounds like fans want to know whether Shep Rose has truly forgiven Austen for what happened, and they also want to know if Austen can forgive Shep Rose for saying that they were no longer friends.

On the “Southern Charm” season finale, the two did apologize to one another and talk things out, but do they need to talk more? Austen recently sat down with “The Daily Dish” at Bravo to talk about how their friendship has changed. He revealed that Chelsea feels bad because she felt that she got in between the guys’ friendship.

He explained that Chelsea was a bit broken after she learned that Shep and Austen were no longer speaking to one another.

He also added that he knows how Shep Rose is and how he got his approval to pursue Chelsea after the drama had settled. But Austen also explained that he never expected Shep Rose to essentially end their friendship in a bar after they had been drinking.

He told Bravo that the fight between them was very real and it was hurtful that Rose could simply drop their friendship because of a girl.

Austen willing to dump girl for friendship?

However, he concluded the discussion by saying that they're in a great place and that their bromance is back on. Austen also said that he doesn't think that their friendship is going anywhere and he doesn't plan on letting a girl come between them again.

However, Austen did not give an update on whether or not Shep and Chelsea have remained friends, or if he and Chelsea are now an official couple. Fans will have to tune in to the reunion special of “Southern Charm” to see how things have evolved in Charleston.

What do you think of Shep Rose’s decision to call out his friend Austen for dating Chelsea? Do you think Shep Rose was being immature in suddenly ending the friendship with Austen, even though they have since worked out their issues?