Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel have officially sparked rumors of a potential reconciliation. While fans believed their relationship was too far gone not long ago, the on-and-off couple is seen in a new Sneak Peek for the upcoming episode of "Southern Charm," and in the clip, the couple appear to be getting along quite well. E! News offered fans a preview of the episode on June 12, revealing that pigs may fly in just a few hours.

In the sneak peek, Dennis and Ravenel are seen arriving at a mother/daughter photo shoot featuring Dennis and their oldest child, and as the ladies prepare for their shoot, Ravenel reveals he'll be sticking around as they pose for photos.

As Kathryn Dennis gets her hair done, daughter Kensington is seen sitting on her lap and makes it no secret that she is as happy as can be. With her father nearby, Kensington laughs and smiles as she looks at herself and her mother in the mirror. Meanwhile, Ravenel appears just as pleased as he watches his former girlfriend interacting with their child.

Kathryn Dennis wants her family back

After reportedly losing custody of her two kids due to a failed drug test, Kathryn Dennis is said to be hoping that she and Ravenel can ultimately work through their issues. "Seeing Kensie and Thomas watching and laughing really just makes me see that light of what I always picture at the end of the tunnel," Kathryn Dennis tells the cameras during a Bravo confessional.

"Us together as a family, and that's what I see right now."

As for Ravenel, he may have other plans. As fans saw during a recent episode of the show, Ravenel informed Dennis' nemesis, Landon Clements, that he'd like to be in a relationship with her.

Kathryn Dennis and her former boyfriend recently spent time together in Charleston

In addition to their recent reunion on "Southern Charm," Dennis and Ravenel appear to have gotten to a much better place in their relationship and were recently photographed at the Gentry Bar & Room in Charleston, South Carolina. As E! News revealed to readers, the former couple posed for a photo during their restaurant visit and appeared to be having a great time with one another during a lunch date.

As for their kids, they were not seen in the photo.

To see more of Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel, and their kids, including Kensington and Saint Julien, tune in to new episodes of "Southern Charm" season four tonight and every Monday night at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.