Sonja Morgan has been dating several guys on this season of “The Real Housewives of New York.” Sonja has always been open and honest about dating several men at one time, dividing them into two categories. One category is all about the men she would like to date. The other category is more in terms of who she would like to marry. Sonja treats these men very differently, as the men she wants to date are more fun and outgoing.

Sonja can do things with them that she can’t do with the guys she wants to marry because she's invested in a long-term relationship.

On this season of “The Real Housewives of New York,” fans met two such men that she's balancing. The man named Rocco is one she's considering marriage with, while the French guy is the one she's just dating.

Should she pick Rocco?

Prior to “The Real Housewives of New York” airing last night, Sonja Morgan tweeted that Wednesday's episode was all about dating getting strange and friendships getting strained. While people had little to say about the friendship section of her tweet, people had plenty of opinions about what she needed to do in her daily life.

As it turns out, people are hoping that she stays with Rocco, the guy she wants to marry. One person pointed out that she should stay with Rocco because they're super cute together and he completes her in a way that the Parisian guy does not.

Another person pointed out that “Frenchy” needs to get a barber. He is nowhere near as classy and elegant as Sonja is, and while he may be fun for her for a while, he is not the right one for her in terms of a long-term commitment.

Fans adore her and want the best for her

While some adore Sonja Morgan for going after what she wants and balancing so many relationships at once, others advised her to start closing some of the loops in her relationships.

In other words, they wanted her to stick to one man rather than dating several and dragging them along for the ride before she made up her mind. One person didn't seem too confident in her dating skills, writing to her that she believes that Sonja Morgan is going to end up screwing it all up. She may be able to screw everything up because she's keeping two guys interested at one time, and eventually both of them may drop off the radar because they don't want to feel used.

Sonja Morgan wants that happy ending she's always wished for, so she may need to start making up her mind when it comes to dating. Based on her fans, it sounds like Rocco may be the guy for her.

What do you think about Sonja Morgan’s dating life? Do you think she should pick Rocco and start a long-term relationship with him, or do you think she should continue to have fun with guys like the Parisian, who is not a long-term commitment for her?

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